Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Eleventh House or the Labhasthana (House of Gains), Chapter IX, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The eleventh house represents the gain of wealth and prosperity in life. It represents the gain of wealth earned through all the various sources by an individual, therefore it is necessary that the eleventh house  be properly analysed to accertain the prospects of financial gain and prosperity for any individual.

An unblemished eleventh house, its lord and its significator, and also aspected or occupied by the benefic planets indicates gain of immense wealth and prosperity in the life of the native. The significator of the eleventh house in regards to wealth and prosperity is Jupiter.

Whereas if the eleventh house or its lord or its significator becomes afflicted or aspected or occupied by the malefic planets then the native fails to earn wealth and prosperity in life, inspite of all hard work and earning through any means. It becomes difficult for the native to even earn sufficiently in life.

The placement of the eleventh lord in auspicious houses like Kendra houses (1st 4th 7th & 10th) and the Trikona houses (1st 5th & 9th), its association with the Yogkaraka planet and other benefic planets and most importantly its placement in the constellation of a benefic planet are important considerations to be sought for while judging the eleventh house as these factors lend strength to the eleventh lord.
Whereas the placement of the eleventh lord in the 6th 8th or 12th house, or associated with the malefic planets and debilitated planets and its placement in the constellation of any malefic planet weakens its strength.

Placement of benefic planets in the eleventh house and exchanges of signs between the lords of the eleventh house with the lords of 1st 2nd 5th 9th or 10th houses ensures immense gain of wealth and prosperity to the native.

Effects of Different Planets Placed in the Eleventh House


Sun in 11th house gives wealth, happiness and prosperity to the native. Native becomes proudy and boastful by nature. Native have few children or difficulty in child birth. Native may also suffer from stomach problems or digestive disorders. Native remain fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in life. Native earns name, fame and power in the society. Native gains success in terms of wealth, prosperity and material success without much effort. Native enjoys high status and have contact with influential friends.


Moon in 11th house is good for finance and prosperity of the native. Native earns enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. Such native gets blessed with success, happiness and all comforts of life. They lead a luxurious life with many servants to work for them. They earn name, fame and popularity in the society. They are blessed with a long life. Native enjoys maternal success without much effort and have contact with influential friends.


Mars in 11th house gives harsh tongue and rude behavior to the native. Native is cruel and selfish by nature. Native is also short tempered and courageous in nature. Native is blessed with enormous wealth and prosperity in his life but he also spends a lot in his life. Native may also earn wealth through undesirable or objectionable means in his life. Native remains aggressive and enthusiastic in realization of desires. Native suffers setback in his middle age of his life.


Mercury in 11th house gives wealth, fame and longevity to the native. The native earns through multiple sources in his life. This native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life and leads a wealthy lifestyle. Native enjoys successful career prospects, success in profession or business along with name, fame and reputation.


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