Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Second House or the Dhanasthana (House of Wealth), Chapter V, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Seventh House

Placement of 2nd lord in 7th house gives wealth and prosperity through business, profession or trade. Native may also inherit wealth through his spouse and gain through marriage. Native is lustful and wastes money in gratification of senses. Native gains wealth through partnership, business contracts and from foreign countries.

Eighth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 8th house gives sudden and unexpected wealth to the native. Native may gain wealth and prosperity through inheritance. This native cannot be trusted in terms of financial matters. They may even deceit people to earn wealth in their life. Native may gain wealth and prosperity through insurance or marriage or dowry. Native faces misunderstanding or bad relationship with elder brother.

Ninth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 9th house gives the native wealth and prosperity through inheritance. Native spends money in religious deeds and charitable purposes. Native loves to spend in helping others. Native is blessed with wealth, prosperity, good fortune, learning, happiness and comforts in life. Native gains wealth and prosperity through his father and overseas ventures. Native also travels a lot to foreign places and countries. Native suffers from bad health in the early stage of his life but improves later with age.

Tenth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 10th house gives name, fame and wealth to the native. Native gains through his career and profession in his life. Native reaches a very high position in his life. This native remains fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in life. Native earns respect from his elders and superiors. Native earns wealth and prosperity in his life through his own efforts. Native gets favour from the government or win awards or recognition. Native is learned, famous, powerful and successful in life, and earns wealth through multiple sources. Native may join his father in business.

Eleventh House

Placement of 2nd lord in 11th house is good for wealth and prosperity in life. Native earns and accumulates enormous wealth in his life. Native earns enormous wealth with less efforts in his life. Native may also gain prosperity through gifts, inheritance or marriage. Native earns wealth from multiple sources and his fortune rises up in life after his marriage. This native may also earn wealth and prosperity in life through speculation, trading in stock and commodity markets or by lending money to others or as banker or running boarding house.

Twelfth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 12th house gives frequent and enormous expenditures to the native. Native may spend for treatment of diseases or on hospitalization. Native may have to frequently travel to places which may also become cause of expenditure in his life. Native may accumulate wealth with enormous difficulty in his life or may spend more than his earnings. It becomes hard for the native to meet his expenses in his life. This native also loves to spend in charitable purposes with whatever savings he or she may have. They love to help others in need with all their means. Native may earn through government service, or religious means in his life. This native also gains through dubious means or bribery. The native may have strained relationship with his elder brother.

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