Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Ninth House or the Bhagyasthana, Chapter VII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Mercury in 9th house gives the native inclination towards business and trade. Native may have to travel to distant places concerning his business or profession. This native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. They also make good poets, singers, astrologers, mathematicians, writers, authors or journalists in their life. They are successful in their business and profession and lead a fortunate life in terms of wealth and prosperity.


Jupiter in 9th house gives strong and well built handsome personality to the native. Native is learned and earns respect in the society. They make intellectuals, authors, writers, journalists, astrologers, religious leaders etc. in life. They are fond of social work and helping others. They earn enormous wealth and prosperity in their life. They remain happy and successful in their life. Native earns name, fame and popularity in the society. Native is disciplined, pious and religious minded. Native may also get honored by the government.


Placement of Venus in 9th house of the horoscope makes the native disciplined, pious and religious minded. Native travels to distant places to visit holy shrines or for pilgrimages. Native may earn respect and honor form the government. Native leads a happy and peaceful domestic life.


Saturn in 9th house gives a weak and sickly body to the native. Native suffers from instability in career. Native lives a disciplined life and is religious minded in nature. This placement of Saturn is bad for wealth and prosperity of the native. This placement of Saturn is bad for the father of the native.


Rahu in 9th house makes the native travel to distant places. Native may travel to holy places for pilgrimage. This native is religious minded and performs religious deeds in his life. Native remain unfortunate till the age of 42 and then after starts achieving success in his life.


Ketu in 9th house gives unhappiness and misfortune to the native. Native have to struggle a lot in the early part of his life. Native remain unfortunate till the age of 48 and then after starts achieving success in his life.


Uranus in 9th house gives inclination towards religion and philosophy in life. Native may travel a lot to different places in life or may conduct pilgrimages to holy places. Native may become a spiritual leader or astrologer in life. Native may earn enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. Native may also get injured by some accident or may get entangled in some legal encounter in his life.


Neptune in 9th house gives adventurous outlook towards the life to the native. Native spends life like an adventure.


Pluto in 9th house may get the native entangled in some legal encounter in his life. Native loves to transform the society. Native might have to travel to distant places in his life. Native may get attracted towards occultism and spirituality in his life or may even tend to renounce the world.


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