Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Timing the Periods of Financial Prosperity & Periods of Misfortune, Chapter X, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Periods of Financial Ups and Downs in life

Every person in this world, however rich or poor he or she may be, remains worried about his or her future financial position in life. Financial stability is hardly ensured to anyone, unless he may be having a very good planetary combination in his horoscope. People fear to lose his job or position and financial stability in their lives. Despite all efforts and precautions one may have to face losses or suffer financial setbacks in his life, at some or the other stage of his life. Financial ups and downs in life arise due to favourable and unfavourable transits of planets and mahadashas and antardashas of benefic and the malefic planets.

These favourable and unfavourable transits of planets and mahadashas and antardashas of benefic and the malefic planets, may modify the effects of favourable Yogas and the unfavourable Yogas of a horoscope, by maximizing or minimizing their effects or by countering or facilitating their effects on the native. Weak Ascendant, Moon or Sun and their respective lords, tends to confer financial losses, excessive expenditures, bad health, medical expenses, loss of honour, position, job or professional setback in life.

Affliction by Saturn or Rahu causes major setbacks and hindrances in the life of a native, in his financial welfare and economic status. Saturn is a significator of all sufferings in life and Rahu stands for suddenness in their happenings. If the Sun or Moon gets hemmed to between the malefic in the horoscope then the native leads life full of ups and downs, problems, sufferings, sorrow and adversities.

Whenever the Ascendant, Moon or Sun gets occupied by any malefic planets during their transit and the lords of the Ascendant, Moon or Sun be aspected by any malefic planets during their transits, then the native is forced to lead a miserable life during that period. Native may face financial setbacks, losses, hindrances in success and excessive expenses in life.

Mahadasha and the Antardasha periods which cause financial setbacks in life are described below:

1. During the Mahadasha and the Antardasha periods of the 6th 8th and 10th lords, if the sixth lord and the eighth lord together occupies the tenth house of the horoscope and happens to be aspected by the planet Saturn.

2. During the Mahadasha and the Antardasha periods of the Saturn and the 8th lord, if the planet Saturn occupies the tenth house and eighth lord gets positioned in the ninth house of the horoscope.

3. During the Mahadasha and the Antardasha periods of the 6th 8th and 10th lords if the sixth lord conjoins a malefic planet and the tenth lord gets positioned in the eighth house of the horoscope.

4. During the Mahadasha and the Antardasha periods of the planets positioned in 6th 8th 2nd or 12th house of the horoscope.

5. During the Mahadasha and the Antardasha periods of the lords of the constellations positioned in 3rd 5th or 7th from the birth constellation in the horoscope.


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