The Effects of the Avasthas of Jupiter

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If at the time of birth Jupiter is in the Shayana avastha, the native inspite of being strong will have thin voice, will have very brownish complexion, long chin and will always have the fear of his enemy.

2. If Jupiter is in the Upavesha avastha the native will be very talkative, be full of pride, be always troubled by the authority and the enemy and will have wounds in the legs, thighs, mouth and hands.

3. If Jupiter is in the Netrapani avastha, the native will always remain sickly and diseased, be bereft of excellent wealth and adornments, will have love for songs and music and dance, will always remain very lustful, have body of brown complexion and will have love for women of illrepute.

4. If Jupiter is in the Prakasa avastha, the native will have the happiness of having good qualities in him, will be subjected to pure joy, will always remain like an object having extreme brightness, always wanders like Lord Krishna in gardens and orchards or gets the abode of God due to his devotion, becomes the most excellent person among all the men, is like Kuber in prosperity. These are the effects which human beings get when Jupiter is in the Prakasa avastha and is exalted.

5. If Jupiter is in the Gamana avastha, the native will always be courageous and will have the happiness of having friends and sons, will be a learned man, will remain adorned with many kinds of wealth and knows the Vedas.

6. If Jupiter is in the Agamana avastha, the native will have many servants, get excellent wife, the goddess Lakshmi will never leave his house, she will remain in his hous, due to good deeds of past life.

7. If Jupiter is in the Sabha avastha the native will be expert in speaking of Shastras or ancient classics like Guru himself, will remain adorned with white, gems, conveyances etc. will have elephants, horses and chariots, and he will have the pride of knowing many branches of learning.

8. If Jupiter is in the Agama avastha, the native will have the happiness of possessing many kinds of conveyances (Elephants, horses and chariots), honour and conveyance (palanquin etc.); will get the happiness of having servants, sons, wife and friends, learning of beneficial knowledge, will enjoy comforts and luxuries like a king, will have very pure and clear intellect, enjoy poetry, will always have beneficial conduct, and will always get respect in return.

9. If Jupiter is in the Bhojana avastha, the native will always get excellent foods and the goddess Lakshmi will never leave his house, which will be full of horses, elephants and chariots i.e. conveyances etc.

10. If Jupiter is in the Nrityalipsa avastha, the native will get honour from the king, be wealthy, will always be devoted religion, Tantra Shastras (occult learning and knowledge) and devices or techniques, be surrounded by learned men and will himself be a expert and learned in grammar etc. and be quick witted.

11. If Jupiter is in the Kauthuka avastha, the native will be engaged in games, sports and shows. If Jupiter is in a Malefic Sign, he (the native) will always remain endowed with much wealth, will be like the Sun in the progress of his family, which is likened to lotus, will bear, kindness, will always remain happy, have obedient and humble sons, lands and humble nature, will have a strong body and will be a authority in the official Court.

12. If Jupiter is gone in the Nidra avastha, the native will be stupid in doing all things, be oppressed with penury and devoted of virtues, keep weeping & morose.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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