Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Following are the results of Mercury placed in various of a horoscope:

First House

Mercury in the 1st house makes the native learned and wealthy in life. Such native earns wealth an prosperity in their life by their sharp intellect and utilizing their brain or knowledge. They make good mathematicians, writers, authors, journalists etc. They are blessed with longevity too due to this placement of Mercury in their horoscope.

Second House

Mercury in 2nd house makes the native successful concerning wealth and prosperity in life. Such native leads a happy life with all worldly comforts and luxuries. They are blessed with good health and physique. They can make good lawyers agents, brokers and traders. They accumulate enormous wealth and prosperity in their life.

Third House

Mercury in 3rd house makes the person laborious and hard working. This native makes his living through his intellect and brain. Native possess diverse knowledge and they make good writers, authors, journalists, astrologers, lawyers, palmists, poets as well as good business person and traders. They work hard and earn riches through their hard work and utilization of brain and knowledge. They are fond of travelling and love to enjoy luxury and all comforts of life. They often change their career or profession frequently in their life or remain instable in their career or profession. Though they are proficient in their work but their career remains inconsistence and instable throughout the life.

Fourth House

Mercury in 4th house makes the native learned and gives good fortune in terms of wealth and prosperity. Native is blessed with property and conveyance. He enjoys the comforts of life and lives close to his near and dear ones. This native can also make good writer, author or journalists. They are fond of music and entertainment. They love to spend in charitable purposes and help others in need. This native lead a wealthy and prosperous life and remains financially fortunate.

Fifth House

Mercury in 5th house makes the native happy, intelligent and hard working in life. This person may also earn riches by speculative means like trading in stock or share markets. Native can be considered fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity. This native also takes interest in sports and music. Native possess conveyance in his life and enjoys comfortable living with all luxuries.

Sixth House

Mercury in 6th house makes the native quarrelsome, lazy and sickly. Native loses his wealth or spends his money in concern with treatment for his weak and sickly health. Native works hard in life but has to satisfy with minimal earnings and wealth in his life. This placement of Mercury in a horoscope is considered bad for wealth and prosperity.

Seventh House

Mercury in 7th house makes the native fortunate regarding wealth and prosperity. It also brings good luck and longevity to the native. This placement of Mercury makes the native learned as well as religious minded. Such native makes good poets, writers, author and journalists. Native leads a happy and prosperous life and enjoys all the luxuries and comforts of life. This native can also make a good business person or trader in his life.

Eighth House

Mercury in 8th house is good for wealth and prosperity but the native may remain mentally unhappy and dissatisfied in his life. Native earns wealth and prosperity through inheritance in his life. He enjoys all comforts and luxuries of life. Native is blessed with good health and longevity.

Ninth House

Mercury in 9th house give the native inclination towards business and trade. Native may have to travel to distant places concerning his business or profession. This native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. They also make good poets, singers, astrologers, mathematicians, writers, authors or journalists in their life. They are successful in their business and profession and lead a fortunate life in terms of wealth and prosperity.

Tenth House

Mercury in 10th house makes the native learned, popular and respectful in his life. They are considered fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in their life. They make landlords and possess many properties and conveyance in their life span. Such natives are obedient to their parents and remain emotionally attached to them. They can make good poets, astrologers, mathematicians, writers, authors or journalists in their life. This native leads a successful life in the worldly point of view.

Eleventh House

Mercury in 11th house gives wealth, fame and longevity to the native. The native earns through multiple sources in his life. This native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life and leads and leads a wealthy lifestyle.

Twelfth House

Mercury in 12th house makes the native learned and skillful. Such native earns wealth and prosperity in their life by their sharp intellect and utilizing their brain or knowledge. They make good mathematicians, writers, authors, journalists etc. in their lives. They love to spend for charitable purposes in their life and also love to help others in need.


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