Sub-Periods in the Main Period of Rahu

Dr. Shanker Adawal
During the main ruling period of Rahu located in the first house and in the sub periods of malefic planets, there is much sorrow and trouble from the government, fire and thieves.
During the sub periods of benefic planets, however the results are good. There is addition of house, land etc. & acquisition of good food, clothes and ornaments.
During the main ruling period of Rahu located in 6th, 8th or 12th house and in the sub periods of malefic planets, there is quarrel, disease, fire, accident, and fear from the government, thieves and poison.
In the same period the native also suffers from such diseases as asthma, Consumption, urinal complaints, Pain, too much of sleep (laziness etc.).
During the sub period of benefic planets in the main period of Rahu placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, there are good results in the beginning, much happiness, honour from govt, & gain of wealth.
But at the end there is trouble from govt, fall from position & mental sorrow, loss of agriculture, cattle, lands, clothes, relatives, son, & wealth.
During the main ruling period of Rahu placed in the three Kendra (cardinal) houses other than the Ascendant, and in the sub period of the malefic planets events like house being burnt, trouble to eyes, disease, trouble to wife & sons take place.
Loss of position, mental worry, loss of character, sudden quarrels & trouble from government, danger from thieve sand fire, also take place.
During the main period of Rahu located in a Kendra (cardinal house) & in the sub period of a benefic planet, the native has some times comforts, some times fame, some times moral acts and some times the opposite of these.
Notes: The above results will be experienced in the first half of the sub-period. At the end of the sub-period, there will be loss of wealth caused by anger of government, defeat in battle & quarrel regarding learning.
During the main Period of Rahu located in the trines (5th or 9th house) and in the sub-period of malefic there is much trouble, accompanied with sinful acts.
Bad name, bad food, loss of agriculture, cattle, land, trouble from the government, engagement in acts of valour, and fall in prices of articles.
In the sub periods of benefic planets during the main period of such a (in trine) Rahu, there is acquisition of son, wife, wealth, good actions.
These results are obtained at the end of the sub period.
In the first half of the sub period there is travel to foreign lands, a little gain, worship through the mantras, enthusiasm & blemish to wife and son.
During the sub-periods of malefic planets in the main period of Rahu located in the 3rd or 11th house, one gets favour from the government.
At the end of the sub period there is trouble, from thieves, fire or government, there is hatred towards relatives, mental sorrow, destruction of brothers etc.
During the sub periods of malefic in the main Period of Rahu located in the 2nd house there is loss of wealth, mental sorrow & loss of wife & son.
In the sub-periods of benefic there is gains in the sale and purchase of articles, there is good speech, and during the sub period one gets (good) food.

The native acquires clothes, conveyance and ornaments, but has trouble in service, loss of perseverance, trouble to the physique and does secret sin.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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