Prana Dasa – Effects Part 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 8
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods in Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
Results of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods of planets in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
i) Injury due to fall from a horse, injury due to vehicle, dispute with the enemies, committing murder unintentionally.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
ii) Gain of land, destruction of enemy, gain of horse, mental happiness, acquisition of animal and pasture.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
iii) Danger from thieves, fire and enemies, loss of wealth, mental anguish and distress similar to death.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Moon in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
iv) Reverence of deity, Brahmins and preceptors, Journey to a distant place, wealth, comforts, ailment in throat or eyes etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
v) Bile disease, growth in nose (a kind of disease) delusion due to down fall and causing enmity with brothers (kinsmen)
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Rahu in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
vi) Confrontation with wife and children, leaving the house, losses and also gains at work due to bold act etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
vii) Injuries caused by weapons, serious disease, heart ailment, grief of wife and children etc., loss of wealth.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
viii) Intensification of delusion, always involved in savagery, addiction of bad habits and distress, death of friends.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu:
ix) Bed of roses, jewellery, paste of `Sandal’ wood, decent meals, all kinds of pleasurable comforts etc.

x) Others say – Mental agony, disturbed education, fear and loss in various ventures.

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