The Sun in Various Houses – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

Sun in 1st house. The Sun, if he occupies the first house at the time of birth, during his periods, will produce a tendency of easy going in life, cruel nature defective sight or eye disease, and boastfulness. The native will be impetuous and impatient.

2nd house. Loss of money, immoral tendencies, indulgence in undesirable and mean talk, much expenditure, rash nature, etc.

The Major Period of Sun combining in the second house -  sorrow and danger from begetting children, from relations misery, harsh words and quarrels, revenge and loss of wife, and wealth, fear from rulers, loss of issues, lands, clothes and conveyances.

Note: If Sun is in combination with a benefic, the evil results should not be predicted.

3rd house. Acts of bravery, success over enemies, gain of wealth, increased fame, good health, Bad health to brothers, and liberal tendencies.

The Major Period of Sun in the 3rd -  great happiness and courage, respect of rulers, money gains, hatred of brothers and danger.

4th house. Mental worries, blood pressure or affections of the heart, chest pain, quarrels with relatives and friends, loss of property and cruel tendencies.

The Major Period of Sun in the 4th house -  danger to body, issues, wife, friends, lands, houses, forsaking his own country, losses in carriages and horses, and fear from thieves, poison, fires and weapons.

5th house. Journeys to distant places, Bad or forest regions, ill health to children, disturbed mind, sorrows and intestinal disorders.

6th house. Success over enemies, gain of money, health, fame, virtuous acts, courage, self-esteem, and success in undertakings.

The Major Period of Sun in the 6th house -  money losses, great sorrows, diseases like colic pain, and ulcers, and diabetics, difficulties in passing urine, and various venereal complaints.

7th house. Immoral tendencies, wickedness of wife, venereal or urinary diseases, eye trouble, quarrels and disputes, base acts, tedious journeys, displeasure of superiors, and humiliation.

The Major Period of Sun in the 7th house -  death or disease to wife, dirty and untimely meals, not properly cooked, and wanting in milk, curds, ghee and other palatable accessories.

8th house. Loss of wealth, evil associations, Bad health, death, death of wife, immoral connections and loss thereby, litigations and disputes, discontent, poverty and unhappiness.

The Major Period of Sun in the 8th great bodily unhappiness or pains, poverty, intermittent fevers, disease in the eyes, fever and diarrhea, and travel to foreign places.

9th house. Disagreement with father, increased fame, respect from superiors, happiness, materialistic tendencies.

10th house. Gain of wealth, promotion or success in business, respect, fame, virtuous acts, and birth of a son, vehicles, and comforts.

The Major Period of Sun in the 10th house -  acquisition of political power, wealth, friendship of princes, courage, success in undertakings, high reputation, success in all discussions, recognition of merits by rulers.

11th house. The native accumulates wealth, gains fame, position of command, general prosperity, happy domestic life, birth of good children.

The Major Period of Sun in the 11th house – acquisition of wealth, good and virtuous deeds, gain of power, happiness from wife, children, conveyances, ornaments, clothes, and physical enjoyments.

12th house. Gives disputes with father, eye disease, loss of wealth, Bad health to children, unfortunate father, wandering or tedious journeys, financial strain, loss of energy and vitality.

The Major Period of Sun in the 12th house -  sorrow, loss of money, children, females, lands, parents, sin, travelling from place to place, fears and dangers from poisons, rulers, disease in the feet, quarrels from learning, conversation, friendship enjoyment, and company, and losses to horses.

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