The Main Period of the Sun and its Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Duration of Period-6 years.

The conditions with which an individual will be surrounded during the Sun Period of his life will vary with the Zodiacal Sign in which the Sun is located at birth, Thus:-

If the Sun be in Aries at Birth

He may not be particularly religious at any previous time of life, but during the Sun Period he will turn towards religion and take up some religious activity. During this period also, either by inheritance or by gift, he will receive from his father, money, real estate, houses or some permanent and substantial bequest. It will be a period of contentment and happiness in domestic life and affairs.

If the Sun be in Taurus at Birth

The Sun Period will be a time of loss; loss of money, property, possessions; loss of wife and children; loss of position and standing in the community. During this period also, he will be rather run down in health and particularly will suffer from some heart disease or functional disorder of the heart.

If the Sun be in Gemini at Birth

During the Sun Period he will take to reading intensively, particularly poetical and mystical books. He will study mysticism and be interested in occult subjects. He will have many discussions about these matters. He will take up farming, may purchase a farm and will cultivate produce, which he will use for his own requirements, but not for trade or as a business.

If the Sun be in Cancer at Birth

The Sun Period will be marked by jealousy and possibly some enmity on the part of people whom he considers to be his friends. This will be caused by his promotion to a position of authority and responsibility, possibly over the heads of friends and associates or in competition with them. He is apt during this period, to become somewhat more nervous and excitable than usual and should strive to overcome this tendency and to remain calm in all situations. If a man, he will have much contact with women at this time, at home, in a social way and in business. If a woman, she may marry during this period or have an affair.

If the Sun be in Leo at Birth

This is a period of desire for quiet and solitude. An urge to live in the country rather than in the city, will be manifest, a longing for remote places. If the individual purchases a farm or takes up farming as a means of livelihood or as a business during the Sun Period, he will be very successful in this pursuit.

If the Sun be in Virgo at Birth

The Sun period will be one of contentment and happiness, especially in domestic life. The individual will enjoy his home and its surroundings. He will make contact with neighbours and friends, and particularly with older people who will like and respect him and be of assistance to him. He will be surrounded by pets and domestic animals.

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