Rahu in Various Houses – Effects Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

If Rahu be in the Ninth House at Birth

The death of the father or mother separation from brothers and sisters and family travel in foreign countries will live near the sea or on the side of a river. If in a favourable sign will have a good education, will become well known and influential, will live luxuriously and in the most up-to-date modern manner and if in a watery sign, will travel much by water and visit and live in important places.
If in an unfavourable sign, will wander from place to place, will become a tramp, utterly without ideals, will associate with people of very low type and have love affair of a very sordid character will suffer scandal and disgrace and if any children are born, they will not survive will have very dreadful and strange dreams.

9th house -  Unfortunate father, loss of ancestral wealth, increase of self earned wealth, power and position, fame, cruelty, political success, etc.

Rahu in the 9th -  death of father, foreign travel, loss of relations and Jupiter, sea baths, loss of money and children.

If Rahu be in the Tenth House at Birth

Very religious; fond of reading spiritual books; bibles and sacred literature; is an ardent mandir/church-goer; charitable, pure ideals; clean life. When unfavourable, however, quite the reverse; will have such disgrace that he will have to use a false name and there will be much trouble from the marriage partner and the children.

However, when Rahu is favourably placed in the 10th, and well aspected and in a good sign the wealth will increase and the position improved during this period, and if the period comes I old age, the native will give his money to charity and become famous before his death.

10th house -  Quarrels with friends and relatives, success in cruel acts, fame, power and position and success in undertakings.

Rahu in the 10th -  hearing and reading of Puranas and sacred literature and baths in the Ganges.

Rahu in the 10th is a beneficial sign will give good results as above stated and in a malefic sign, will reverse the results or give misery, foreign residence.

Rahu in a malefic sign with  malefic in the 10th will give-adulterous intercourse, murder of a learned Vedanta person, or killing or injuring good and holy Brahmins, bad accusations, and fear from fires to children and wife.

If Rahu be in the Eleventh House at Birth

Will rise in position and gain respect of his associates and friends; if not married, he will marry; he will accumulate wealth; he will get much help and happiness from relatives and friends; he will be fond of pets and animals and will have more male children than female.

If in an unfavourable sign he will spend his money on speculation and he will constantly be in search of sudden wealth through the races, lotteries, games of chance, but will be unsuccessful.

11th house -  Gains in business and success in profession, happiness, fame and respect.

Rahu in the 11th -  respect of rulers, gain of money, grains, houses, lands and other comforts.

If Rahu be in the Twelfth House at Birth

Will suffer from some mental weakness; nervousness; will be separated from or lose the partner and children; will suffer dishonor and lose land and property; his eyesight will be affected and there will be some injury to the feet-he will be very much attracted towards spiritual life and will study philosophy and psychology. He may be deported, from one country to another, to live in a country other than his own place of birth and will always have heavy debts until very late in life.

12th house -  Ill health or death, loss of wealth, wanderings, separation from family, criminal prosecution or punishments, ill health of wife and children, unhappiness and misery.

Rahu in the 12th -  travelling in different countries, mental disease, destruction to wife and children, loss to cultivation, to cattle, grains, lands, cattle, wealth.

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