Dasa of the Lord of the Twelfth House Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

10) If the lord of the twelfth bhava is posited in the tenth bhava in combination with the lord of the tenth bhava, the Native’s patrimony will be ruined and there will sometimes be expenditure through charity; if there is a benefic yoga, the expenditure will be on account of enjoyment and in virtuous ways, such as gifting and construction of watch towers.

11) If the lord of the twelfth bhava is posited in the eleventh bhava in combination with the lord of the eleventh bhava there is danger or interruption to gains; if the planet is benefic, the expenditure will be in good ways; and if there is a malefic yoga, the expenditure will be caused by bad deeds and enemies. The loss of wealth will be caused in ways, which are in accordance with the nature of the planet concerned; the wealth will at times get reduced on account of misunderstandings with elder brother or business or on account of the yoga for poverty and sometimes the gain and loss will be equal. Thus, the effects of a Period should be predicted, taking into account the nature of the lord of the Period, the nature, of karaka and Lordship signification of the planets in association with the lord of the Period. The effects of the Period should also be predicted with reference to the Karaka and Lordship signification of the lord of the sign, occupied by the lord of the Period.

12) As regards the other positions also (i.e. the positions in the other bhavas, than the eleventh bhava) the effects should be determined with reference to the position of the lord of the rasi containing the bhava in question. If the lord of the twelfth bhava is posited in a bhava and is a benefic (i.e. by Lordship) he will produce good results; if he is a benefic and also a malefic (i.e. by Lordship) he will produce mixed results; if he is a double malefic (i.e. by Lordship of two bad bhavas), the results will be bad. A planet, whether a benefic or a malefic, will produce good results if he is the lord of Angles and Trine houses at the same time; if he is the lord of a Kendra house only, be will produce moderate results. The lords of the second, third and eleventh bhavas are producers of good and bad effects; the lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth bhavas are malefic. If out of the two bhavas of a plant, one is good and the other is bad, the results will be of mixed nature. Thus the nature of a planet, whether benefic or malefic, should be determined with reference to the bhava Lordship and also with reference to the eight kinds of planetary strength described earlier. Thus, the nature of benefic yoga, malefic yoga and mixed yoga, should be determined.

A malefic yoga is useless and it will cause always expenditure, debt and entanglement in vices and 
wicked ways; a Mixed yoga will produce mixed results according to the nature of the planets.

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