Dasa of the Lord of the Twelfth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

During the period when the Dasa of the lord of the 12th house is in progress, the native will become a extravagant for any noble cause or for good people. He will perform noble deeds and compensate for all the sins already committed. He will earn state honour too.

During the progress of the Dasa of the lord of the 12th house that happens to be weak, the native suffers from various diseases, dishonor and bondage. His wealth will dwindle away like the waning Moon.

12th lord. If the lord of 12th is strong and well placed, there will be much spending of wealth in a good cause, the native will get favours from Government, be respected by people and become famous. He will take to a pious life.

If the lord of 12th is weak and afflicted, the native will suffer great loss of money, position and fame. He will be seriously ill and may even die. He will incur displeasure of officials and may even be imprisoned or punished.

The Period of the Lord of the Twelfth Bhava. (Twelfth House) (from classics)

1) If the lord of the twelfth bhava is posited in his rasi in combination with benefic, the Native will acquire wealth and will have no expenditure in the period of the Lord of 12th house; and he will have expenditure in the period of the benefic planet that is in combination with the Lord of 12th house, as the effect of this benefic planet. If the Ascendant lord is powerful, the Native’s income will be more than his expenditure; the comforts of bed linen will be in proportion to the degree of the yoga. The Native will be happy, will always pursue a good and virtuous profession, will be engaged in metaphysical and Vedanta investigations and will be in the company of yogis and Sadhus. If the Lagna-Lord is weak, when there are malefic in the twelfth bhava, the Native will be poor and the results will be those of a Kemadruma-yoga (i.e. a kind of bad yoga).

2) If the lord of the twelfth bhava is posited in the second bhava in combination with the lord of the second bhava and malefic, there will always be dispute or in-harmony in the Native’s family, he will have untimely and unpleasant meals and meals served I a Sradhas ceremony or produced by menials, he will indulge in harsh words, will be wicked in nature and will be exposed to the risk of eye diseases. If there is a benefic yoga, the effects will be moderate according to the nature of the planet in combination with the Lord of twelfth bhava.

3) If the lord of the twelfth bhava is posited in the third bhava in combination with the lord of the third bhava, the Native will always have an ever-increasing expenditure and his brothers will be ruined. If there is a benefic yoga, the effect will be of a mixed nature and if the Lord of twelfth bhava in a benefic yoga and is in association with the lords of the sixth and eighth bhavas, his Period will produce comforts and conveniences of vehicles or conveyances.

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