Dasa of the Lord of the Sixth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

During the progress of the Dasa of the lord of the 6th house, the native could destroy all his enemies, by show of his strength; enjoy perfect wealth, be liberal minded, will be very powerful and be blessed with splendor and affluence.

If the lord of the 6th house is weak, during his Dasa period, the native will suffer at the hands of the thieves, from many reverses, defeat, subjugation and many diseases. He will perform evil deeds and servile duties. He will be despised and defamed and receive wounds.

6th lord. During the periods of the lord of 6th who is strong and well placed, the native will defeat his enemies, succeed in litigation, clear off debts, will be free from ailments, do daring acts, become liberal, powerful and will live in all splendor and prosperity.

If the lord of 6th is weak, badly placed or afflicted, during his periods, there will be misunderstandings with maternal uncles, Bad health or death to them, Bad health to the native, incurring of debts, litigations and failure in them, loss of property, defeat at the hands of enemies, etc. He will do wicked acts and even suffer imprisonment or punishment, danger from weapons and wounds is also ossible.

The Period of the Lord of the Sixth Bhava (from classics)

1) If the lord of the sixth bhava is posited in the sixth bhava in combination with benefic planets, the Native will always enjoy comforts and happiness during the period of the lord of the sixth bhava. The effects at the commencement of the period will be in conformity with the nature or attribute of the planets that are in conjunction with the lord of the sixth bhava. The effects will be unfavourable to this bhava during the sub-periods of the planets that are in combination with the lord of the sixth bhava and during the sub-periods of the other planets the period will produce comforts, happiness, acquisition of wealth, accomplishment of purpose or objects, fruition of endeavours and relief from the troubles and annoyances caused by enemies, greater income from lands, crops and Vehicles and also wearing apparels etc.

If the lord of the sixth bhava is weak, the results of the period will be poor or very meager. If the lord of the sixth bhava is in conjunction with the lord of the eighth or twelfth bhava, the period will yield much wealth throughout its period and will produce happiness. If the Lord of the sixth bhava is in the Kendra or Trikona amsa, the period will produce troubles from enemies etc. If the lord of the sixth bhava is in the sixth, eighth and twelfth amsa, the period with yield mixed results.

2) If the lord of the sixth bhava is  posited in the seventh bhava in combination with the lord of the seventh bhava, the Native’s wife will sometimes have bad health; he will sometimes have happiness, relief from enemies in foreign places, interruption to auspicious ceremonies and realization of good results. He is likely to have sickness either to himself or his wife and will have estrangement of feelings with his wife. These results will happen during the period and sub-period of these planets. If the Lagna Lord is weak in association with malefic, the Native will be unhealthy, will have troubles from his enemies, will incur displeasure, will receive blows, will contract debts, and will sustain bodily injuries, and loss of women. If the Lord of the sixth bhava is in the eighth etc. (i.e. 8th, 12th and 6th) amsa, the Native will have no misunderstanding with his wife. If the karaka of the seventh bhava is posited in the Kendra and Trikona amsa in conjunction with Rahu, the Native’s wife will be subjected to calumny and slander and will be pointed out by the finger of scorn. If this karaka is weak and is situated in Pisces sign, the Native will certainly marry for the second time due to misunderstanding with the first wife. If Venus, posited in the rasi of Mars or Saturn, is associated with or aspected by these planets, the Native will enjoy many women as the result of his quarrels with his wife. If the lord of the sixth bhava is in combination with the lord of the second house, the period of the lord of the sixth bhava will bring about the death of the Native during its currency.

Thus, the effects of the lord of the sixth bhava should be decide with reference to the house position and planetary association, when the lord of the sixth bhava is situated in other bhavas.

3) If the lord of the sixth bhava is posited in the eighth bhava in combination with or aspect of, benefic planets, the lord of the sixth bhava will produce benevolent results during the sub-periods of these benefic. If the lord of the sixth bhava is situated in the Lagna, sixth and eighth houses, he will cause terrible and serious diseases and will also cause poverty and affliction from enemies during the sub-period of the Lord of Ascendant etc.

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