Dasa of the Lord of the Ninth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

During the Dasa period of the lord of the 9th house, the native will be blessed with the company of his wife, sons, grand children and relations, continuous prosperity, happiness and wealth; act in noble ways, enjoy state favour, pay homage to Brahmins and gods.

When the lord of the 9th house is weak and his Dasa period is in operation, the native will have to face the displeasure of the deity who was worshipped formerly –even something untoward may happen to him; his wife and children may too suffer; this native will also indulge in wicked deeds, one of his elders or his father may pass away and may lead a life of penury.

9th lord. When the lord of 9th is strong, and well placed, during his periods the person will enjoy happiness and comforts in the company of his beloved ones. He will do virtuous deeds and will be nobly disposed, faithful and truthful. His wealth will increase and he will receive favours from elders and superiors or from Government. His fame and popularity will increase and he may even become a minister or adviser to the State. The affairs of the father will have s smooth flow.

If the lord of 9th is weak and afflicted, the native will develop materialistic outlook, be impious, hate elders and preceptors, be cruel and wicked. He will lose reputation, and scandals will crop up. Wife and children will suffer ill health and an elderly person in the family (father?) will die. He will always be in want and unfortunate in all his attempts.

The Period of the Lord of the Ninth Bhava. (Ninth House) (from classics)

1) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in the ninth bhava in combination with or aspected by benefic planets, the period of the Lord of 9th house (i.e. lord of the ninth bhava) will augment the wealth of the Native, and also that of his father and will cause expenditure through charity. The effects of the period will vary according to the nature of the planets that are in combination with the Lord of 9th house. If malefic are conjoined with the Lord of 9th house, his wealth will deteriorate, or his father may die and he will become poor, and unsteady in his mind. If the Lord of 9th house is weak, the Native will have a little wealth and the result will be the same, even if the Lord of 9th house is posited in the eighth etc. amsa.

2) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in the tenth bhava in combination with the lord of the tenth bhava and a benefic, the Native, during this period, will get wealth through Kings or Government and achieve much reputation, and will lead a religious life, will do charitable deeds such as the sinking of a well in charity etc. and will have a hand in the administrative machinery of the country.

If the Lord of 9th house is weak, the Native will perform mean and disgraceful deeds; if the Lord of 9th house is in combination with malefic, the Native will be engaged in detestable or ignoble pursuits and his occupation may sometimes be spoiled. He will be engaged in wicked or vicious deeds, will associate himself with people of low caste and will lose his occupation at the instance of the Government. He will be afraid of trouble from the Government and his assets etc. will be destroyed.

3) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in the eleventh bhava in combination with the lord of the eleventh bhava, the Native will have gain through his father and business. If the Sun is powerful, his father will wield power and influence. If Rahu is in combination there, his father will be famous and the Native will acquire much wealth through his father. He will have gains in the period of the Lord of 9th house through the influence of the planet, that is in combination with him. If the Lord of 9th house is weak, the results will be on a poor scale. If the planet that is in combination with the Lord of 9th house is a malefic, the Native will incur loss.

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