Dasa of the Lord of the Eighth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

If the lord of the 8th house is strong, its Dasa period will bestow upon the native complete freedom debts, personal elevation, end of disputes and acquisition of cattle wealth like cows and goats and attendants.

When the Dasa of the lord of the 8th house is in progress and if he is weak, the native will develop carnal appetite, suffer from great sorrow and a want of sense, jealousy, epilepsy, poverty, fruitless wanderings, calumny, sickness, humiliation and even death.

8th lord. If the lord of 8th is strong and well placed, during his periods the native will discharge all debts, succeed in litigation, be elevated to high position and gain through cattle and servants.
If the lord of 8th is weak, badly placed and afflicted, during the periods of such planet, the native may fall ill, have serious delays and obstructions in his undertakings, develop immoral tendencies, have intrigues with low and wicked women and widows, suffer much sorrow, poverty, misery and humiliation.

If the affliction is too serious, he may even die.

The Period of the Lord of the Eighth Bhava (House) (from classics)

1) If the lord of the eighth bhava is posited in the eighth bhava and is in exaltation aspected by or conjoined with benefic, the effects will be in conformity with the nature of the planets that are in association with the lord of the eight bhava and the results will be beneficial. During the currency of the period of the Lord of 8th house, the Native will have acquisition of wealth, conveyances, gifts from Kings and government and also comfortable and happy. If the Lord of 8th house is posited in the eighth etc. (i.e. sixth, eighth and twelfth) amsa, the effects will not be good, even as the result of association of benefic planets and they will be poor. The effects will be poor, even if the Lord of 8th house is weak. If the Lord of 8th house is associated with malefic planets, the Native will have misfortunes, serious illness etc, will lose his father, his attempts will become futile and he will be unhappy.

2) If the Lord of 8th house is posited in the ninth bhava in combination with the lord of the ninth bhava and if the Sun is weak, the period of the Lord of 8th house will cause the destruction of the Native’s father, father’s displeasure and loss of patrimony. If benefic are in conjunction with the Lord of 8th house, the effects will be of a mixed nature and the charitable tendency of the Native will be abated. If the lord of the ninth bhava is weak, the period of the Lord of 8th house will produce evils results, misfortune, worries due to poverty and king’s displeasure. The results must be determined intelligently, taking into consideration the effects, that may be caused by the planets, that are associated with the Lord of 8th house.

3) If the lord of the eighth bhava is posited in the tenth bhava in combination with the lord of the tenth bhava, the Native’s association or occupation will deteriorate during the period of the Lord of 8th house; he will pursue a mean or low profession, will be always addicted to evil deed, will pass through disgrace and will be sometimes punished for contempt of Government or for infringement of Government prohibition orders. If the lord of the tenth bhava is weak, the Native will have much trouble on account of his poverty. The native will lose his mother (the 10th house is a Maraka house for Mother, being the 7th house from the 4th house and will be maintained by a female stranger. If Mars is weak in combination with the lords of the fourth and fifth bhavas, the Native will loose his landed property as the result of some mandatory or statutory procedure or his creditor will usurp his landed property after persecuting him for the debts due to him. If the Moon is weak the Native’s mother will be ruined. If Lord of 8th house is weak or is posited in the eighth etc. (i.e. sixth, eighth and twelfth) amsa, the results described above will happen on a moderate scale or will be of a Mixed nature.

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