Modi will become PM and will stay there certainly for 10 Years

16th - the D - DAY - astrologically SHRI NARENDRA MODI'S chart is stronger than that of BJP - HE WILL BE THE PM - internally or externally there will be PUSH & PULLS which he will face - stability by July, 15 , 2014 and complete control be end NOV, 14. NDA to form GOVT. Regional parties ( major ones like that of TN and BJD ) will align fully after July, 15 with NDA/BJP.

( based on the transit changes form the day elections were announced to the day that results were declared - the play of Mars - change of Rahu and the movement of Venus - it gets exalted - change of mars / Venus position on announcement from that on the election declaration day etc is my basis ) .
Yes - WOMAN either internally as advising him that will make him successful or externally in providing support ( now / later ) will play a role.

In depth analysis and the art of playing with three balls at a time Shri Modi will use to consolidate. He will be there for 10 years - his Sade - sati will do good to him and will be the best period for gains SHUOLD TAKE OATH AT THE BEST MAHURAT.

MY TAKE AND ALL THE BEST TO THE PARTY & AS A N ASTROLOGER MY WISH IS THAT WITHIN THE PARTY THERE SHOULD BE NO CONFLICTS AND THINGS AKIN TO IT. NEEDED FOR THE NATION TO GROW AND NOT CALLED A FAILED ECONOMY AS IT IS INTERNATIONALLY TODAY. Commodity price to go down. real estate will not rise the way it has been or being expected, gold will stabilize and revolution in education sector in years to come - indicated by PLANETS. Real growth trend after Nov, 14 - tangible.
I do not want to criticize Congress but they could be at there lowest ebb . Debacle for at TWO major lawbreakers at leaders- unexpected.

This is my astrological view and surely i do not know the science end to end as our SEARS knew them - it is lost - we are all working to understand it in relevance to Kaliyug.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Note: Dr. Shanker adawal has already predicted the same for Mr. Narender Modi one year ago in one of his Video and through other mediums.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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