Underground Wealth Part 3

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Part 3

(A planet may own any house when it transits, it gives such matters signified by the lord of the constellation, through the source indicated by the transiting planet, by lordship, occupation and its nature e.g. suppose a planet owns the houses 3 and 10.3rd house denotes brother editing, short journey etc. 10th house indicates profession. If any planet transits in the constellation of that planet owning houses 3 and 10, the results will refer to the matters signified by the houses 3 and 10, irrespective of the lordship of the transiting planet).

Resignation and Re-entry

At the time of birth Balance of Venus Dasa was 2 years 4 months and 8 days.

This native relinquished his office a couple of years ago. Will fortune be thrust on him and if so when?

What a peculiar horoscope! This person would have had his first birth anniversary according to calendar date only after 8 years and thereafter once in 4 years.

Even though Gemini is noted for vacillation and lack of decision, this native will be strong-willed, stubborn, steadfast and strong-principled, as Mars is conjoined with the lord of the Ascendant and Mars aspects Moon. He can never change his code out of any selfish motive. A person of sterling character, indeed!

In his chart, Saturn Dasa commenced on 8-6-1955 and Venus Bhukti begn on 29-3-1962. During Rahu Anthra he should resign from a covetable post. Why?

It is said in Uthrakalamritha, that a person can enjoy beneficial results during the conjoined period of Saturn and Venus, (a) if neither is exalted; (b) if either owns 6 or 8 or 12 and are in 6 or 8 or 12 to each other. But Saturn is exalted and both owning houses 8 and 12 are not in Shashta Ashtama. Hence during Sani Dasa Sukra Bhukti he had to give up his post.

Rahu being in Saturn’s sign, it had to offer the result in its Anthra.

It is a pleasure to note how stellar astrology fixes the day.

He gave his resignation on a Saturday, not during the hours when Chithra star was on, but the moment when Swathi star started. What is Swathi? It is Rahu’s star in Venus sign.

This native has the aspect of Saturn to the lord of the tenth house, Jupiter and Saturn is in 3 to Moon and 5 to Lagna. Hence, he is one who would have resigned his post already in his adult age, to hold on to his principle and fulfil his desire.

Is fortune promised in the future? Certainly. Why not? Whatever generally Rahu does, Ketu will undo. Therefore Sukra Bhukti Ketu Anthra operating between 23-3-65 and 29-5-65 will create the chance. Then Sun Bhukti Rahu Anthra will give Sun Bhukti commences on 29-5-65 Mars Anthra will 8-8-65 Kethu sub will be between 22-2-66 and 14-3-66. Balance of Dasa Bhukti at birth may err by a month or two especially when it is Venus Dasa.

According to Dasa Bhukti system, these are the tree dates. To select one of them, note the results according to progression. Till April 1965, Sun was opposing Saturn. Now it separates from opposition. Moon was squaring the ascendant till April and now it has commenced to apply sextile aspect with Venus in May and good aspect with Sun in August.

So May or August will be the time.

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