Planets and Work in Vedic Astrology Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

A planet in a Kendra can much more easily and effectively play its role. Therefore, we first look for a planet in a Kendra. If it is exalted in the Rasi or Navamsa, or in its own or a friendly sign, and is strong Vargawise, we must consider that planet as probably affecting the occupation or profession. If it is in the 10th or aspecting the 10th the indications are even clearer.

Gulika in the 10th is a great hindrance to one’s profession or job, or to holding it after obtaining it. No planet in the 10th or aspecting the 10th is also harmful. If the 2nd and 11th lords are badly placed, the situation is made worse.

In the horoscopes of great judges, given herewith, we seek that Jupiter, ruler of judges, is in the 10th from the Moon for Heneage Finch(1), Lord Chancellor of England, during the 17th century. The Lord Chancellor is the highest judicial officer in England, comparable to the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Finch was made 1st Earl of Nottingham in 1681 and died on December 28th (NS), 1682.
In the horoscope of Sir Mathew Halet(2), Lord Chief Justice of England from 1671 to 1676, Jupiter in the 2nd from the Chandra Lagna, aspects the 10th. The Lord Chief Justice is President of the King’s Bench Division, and Chief Judge among its 5 judges.

In the horoscope of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (3), son of the poet-physician of the same name, Jupiter in the 2nd from the Lagna aspects the 10th. One of the greatest and most learned American judges, he published his famous treatise on the Common Law in 1881; was appointed associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court on 8th December 1882, and was made its Chief Justice on August 2, 1899; and was appointed Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court on 4th December 1902 by President Theodore Roosevelt. His memory finally failed him and he resigned by request on 12th January 1932. He died of bronchial pneumonia at 2-07 a.m., L.M.T., on 6th March 1935, in Washington, D. C., two days before his 94th birthday. He never became Chief Justice of his country’s highest tribunal, being twice by-passed, but his influence on American law has been marked and lasting.

In the horoscopes of the artistic, we find similar placements, with Venus karaka of the arts. Occasionally, one finds variations, especially in the charts of singers, musicians and composers.
The horoscopes of Madame Ernestine Schumann-Heink(4) and Joan Sutherland(5), are a case in point, providing an interesting study. Madame Schumann-Heink was a famous contralto singer and Joan Sutherland (Mrsa. Bonynge since 1954) is a famous coloratura soprano. Both were opera singers who went abroad to pursue their careers. In both charts, the Ascendant is Aries. But while Miss Sutherland-Heink had Venus in Gemini in the 3rd in conjunction with Mercury, lord of the 2nd (money) and the Sun, lord of the 5th. The 2nd and 3rd lords in compunction in Gemini in the 3rd, ruling speech and throat and art, are rather clear indications of a musical careers, yet Venus is not in a Kendra, as usual. In Miss Sutherland’s chart, from the Chandra Lagna, at the lord of the 2nd (money) is in the 3rd (throat and art) and the lord of the 11th (gains) comes to the 1st (native) in association with Saturn, lord of the 3rd (throat and art) and the lord of the 11th (gains) comes to the 1st (native) in association with Saturn, lord of the 3rd (throat and art) and the Moon, lord of the 9th (fortune).

In the horoscope of Hank Williams, Sr. (6), “the greatest name in American country music”, the lord of the 2nd is in the 3rd in association with the lord of the 3rd. Debilitated Venus goes into Aquarius, a friendly sign, in the Navamsa. Venus is in the 3rd from the Ascendant and actually in the 10th from the Moon, as more clearly seen from the tropical chart. He roses to fame in 1949 as a singer and composer. He wrote more than 150 songs, but died in the back of his car while en route to Canton, Ohio, for a performance on 1st January 1953.

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