Two Planets Yoga Conjunction Results!

(Dwi Graha Yoga)

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Sloka 1: The results of the conjunction of any two of the seven planets-from Sun to Saturn- in a rasi, have been discussed vividly by our ancient sages (Yavanacharya and others). Such results of the Yoga of conjunction of two planets in a single sign are discussed here.

Sloka 2: The native born in the Yoga caused by the conjunction of Sun and Moon will be submissive to women, will not be beautiful, will do subversive activities, will be extremely wealthy, will trade in alcoholic drinks, and will be an adept in execution.

Sloka 3: The native born in the Yoga caused by the conjunction of Sun and Mars will be lustrous and courageous. He will be foolish. He will be strong and mighty. He will be fond of bad deeds like killing. He will be atrocious.

Sloka 4: If Sun and Mercury are conjoined, he will be a servant. He will not have steady income. He will be pleasing in talks. He will be a recipient of honours. He will be worshipped. He will be liked by the king and good people. He will be possessed of strength beauty and education.

Sloka 5: If Sun and Jupiter are conjoined, the native will be extremely charitable. He will have ministerial profession. He will be contented. He will be wealthy through his relatives. He will be a teacher of scriptures.

Sloka 6: If Sun and Venus are conjoined, the native will be skilful in the use of weapons (machines). He will be strong and powerful. He will have poor eyesight in his old age. He will have good relations and greater prosperity through women. He will be proficient in art of warfare.

Sloka 7: If sun and Saturn are conjoined, the native will have sound knowledge in metallurgy. He will be charitable and religious. The will be sorrowful on account of loss of wife and children, and mean-minded, and will follow his family tradition.

Sloka 8: If Moon and Mars are conjoined, the native will be brave. He will gain honour in warfare, and will be proficient in wrestling. He will suffer due to blood disorders. He will be clever in carving and sculptural work and mud, skin and metals.

Sloka 9: If Moon and Mercury are conjoined, the  native will be proficient in writing poetry and stories. He will be rich and will be liked by wealthy women. He will have a cheerful disposition. He will be good-looking. He will be righteous and will possess sterling character.

Sloka 10: If Moon and Jupiter are conjoined, the native will have rich relatives. He will be helpful to  his relatives. He will be very wealthy and will please learned people.

Sloka 11: If Moon and Venus are conjoined, the native will wear white clothes. He will have good knowledge of rules and rituals, He will be fond of poets, will be very lazy but efficient in doing business.

Sloka 12: If Moon and Saturn are conjoined, the native will marry a very aged girl, will look after elephants and horses, will have bad habits, will be subordinate to all and poor and will be an illegitimate child.

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