Judging a Nativity for Ups & Downs in Career

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An Astrologer has often to judge a horoscope for seeing professional attainments of a native. He has to answer questions regarding promotion, losses and gains, transfer, travels, difficulties in work etc. The astrologer has to carefully assess the entire horoscope, the prevailing Dasa periods and transits then give his judgments. The following should be studied:

(i) The prevailing major and sub-period.

(ii) The transits from Moon, in Nakshatras, from natal Sun, 10th lord and also the ascendant. The transit of major and sub-period lord should be seen. They give adverse results when transiting the 6th, 8th or 12th house from natal ascendant.

(iii) See if there are any Raja Yogas, Dhana Yogas, Penury Yogas and other Arishta (misfortune) Yogas in the horoscope. Jupiter in transit when aspecting a good Yoga activated it and Saturn in transit when aspecting a bad Yoga activates it.

(iv) See the position of major and sub-period lord in the Dasamsa chart. They will give bad results in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, in debilitation or inimical houses. The position of Dasamsa ascendant and 10th house and their lords is very important. A planet is connected with the 10th or 2nd house in Rasi Chart and badly afflicted and weak will not give good results even if it is very well placed in the Dasamsa Chart.

(v) The Ascendant, Sun and Moon are the three pivotal of a horoscope, Sage Parasara in the Chapter on Sudarshana Chakra has given them a special importance. If they are all powerful and well placed the native will rise very high in life. If these three are weak and afflicted the native will lack initiative and enterprise and will not be able to achieve much in life.

(vi) The Badhaka lord creates obstacles. It cannot deny an event on its own but will certainly create difficulties and obstacles. Badhaka should be determined as follows:-

(a) For moveable sign as ascendant the 11th house in Badhak house and 11th lord badhaka adhipati or Badhaka lord. For fixed signs as ascendant the 9th house is Badhaka house and its lord the Badhaka lord. For dual signs as ascendant the 7th house is the Badhaka and the 7th lord the Badhaka lord. From this information we derive the Badhaka planets for different ascendants as follows:

Badhaka Planet
11th lord Saturn
9th lord Saturn
7th lord Jupiter
11th lord Venus
9th lord Mars
7th lord Jupiter
11th lord Sun
9th lord Moon
7th lord Mercury
11th lord Mars
9th lord Venus
7th lord Mercury

Note: Badhaka lords are to be reckoned from the Rasi Chart and Chalit Chakra is not considered while determining them.

The illustration give below demonstrates the effect of a Badhaka planet.

Illustration 1. Male born June 28, 1952 at 10:05 hrs (IST), Jalandhar.

M. C.

B.O.D. Venus 14Y 6M 19D.

Janma Nakshatra: P. Phalguni

Note: In Chalit Chakra, the planets are in the same position as in Rasi-Chart.

In this horoscope Yogakaraka Mars is well placed in an Upachaya Sthana. It is aspected by Jupiter and is exalted in Navamsa and Dasamsa charts. The native had frequent career betterment during the major period of Mars. He earned good money and lead a prosperous life. The native approached during the major period of Rahu and the sub period of Jupiter. The question was regarding his promotion. 

Jupiter is the 5th lord placed in the 9th house. It is aspected by Yogakaraka Mars. But Mars is also the Badhaka planet and Jupiter is in the Badhaka house. Therefore, the native was told that he would be denied promotion. The native was denied promotion even though everything looked in his favour.

In the above manner the effect of Badhaka planet should be determined. The transit of Mars from Scorpio and Sagittarius aspecting the natal Mercury was also adverse.

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