Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 8

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Part 8

Again, the  position of the lord of the 10th is worth considering, especially in its relation for Lagna or to another benefic aspecting it. I have observed in course of my study of horoscopes that if the lord of the 10th is placed with the 9th lord, the native earns through writing. If the lord of the 10th is in the 11th with Mars, the native earns through scientific pursuits. If the lord of the 10th is with Saturn, the native earns through hard toil and even asceticism. If the lord of the 10th is in the 9th house or with Mercury, the native earns through writing. If the lord of the 10th is with the lord of the 9th and Mercury, the native earns through writings on astrology.

If the lords of the 4th and the 9th are in the 10th, and the lord of the 10th is in the 11th, the native earns through big business and manufacturing of goods. (The nature of the commodity differs in keeping with the characteristics of the planets aspecting the 10th house).

I have also observed the importance of Lagna and its lord, and their relative position to the 10th house stabilize a native’s source of income. Lord of the 10th in Lagna or aspecting Lagna definitely brings luster and distinction to one’s means of livelihood. Again, if the lord of the 10th is exalted, and aspects Lagna or is posited in the 10th house, it is an important factor in ensuring smooth means of livelihood, involving few struggles.

Let me illustrate a few commercial and professional means of livelihood with the help of charts.


(1) Leo rising, Mercury in the 10th house with the lord of Lagna. The native is a brilliant university teacher-cum-administrator.

(2) Pisces rising, Mercury posited in the 4th house aspecting the 10th house. Mars in Lagna aspecting Mercury. The native is a teacher in a Sainik school.

Medical Practice:

(1) Virgo rising, lord of the 10th Mercury, is with Jupiter in the 3rd house; the 10th house is aspected by Venus posited in the 4th house (indicating a fine private clinic). The native has a roaring practice and has a private clinic of his own.

(2) Scorpio rising, lord of the 10th, the Sun, is in the 7th house with Mars and Mercury (lord of the 8th). The native has an ordinary medical practice.


(1) Libra rising, lord of Lagna Venus in the 10th house, and lord of the 10th, the Moon, is in the 2nd house with Mars. The native is a big landlord.

(2) Cancer rising, the 10th house is aspected by Mars posited in the 4th house, and the Moon and Jupiter are posited in Lagna. The native owns much landed property.

(3) Leo rising, Jupiter is placed in the 10th along with lord of Lagna, the Sun, and lord of the 11th, Mercury, and the 10th house is aspected by Mars. The native is a very big religious landlord.


Taurus rising, lord of the 10th, Saturn, is in the 11th house with lord of Lagna, Venus, and lord of the 11th, Jupiter, is in the 5th. The native is a well-known speculator and has earned a lot through speculation.


Capricorn rising, lord of the 10th, Venus, combines with lord of the 9th, Mercury, and lord of the 7th, the Moon in the 7th house, which itself is aspected by benefic Jupiter. The native is a cinema magnate, and runs a number of cinema theatres in North India.


Kumbha (Aquarius) rising, Jupiter is in the 10th house, aspected by Saturn, lord of Lagna. The native earns through occult Siddhis.

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