Profession and Bhrigu Nadi Technique Part 1

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Part 1

In the Bhrigu Nadi Technique, Saturn is the planet which tells about the profession. Saturn is the planet of Karma and owns the law of deeds. Saturn delivers the result of Karma on all individuals according to what the native is due from the work he has done and thus, Saturn is the deliver of Karma. Saturn, therefore, has no intention of harming anybody and is clean hearted, remain stoic and shapeless. Lord Shiva, representing destruction and Saturn is the embodiment of Lord Shiva. Saturn is free from desires. Saturn is executive body of delivering karma according to good/bad deeds committed by each native.

Saturn in conjunction with Mars represents the ego and the actions are directed accordingly. Saturn in conjunction with Ketu and with other favourable aspects directs the action of a man towards renunciation.

While understanding the actions which a person would perform we have to understand the interplay of Saturn with other planets like Jupiter (representing the Sanchit Karmas – Good & bad. I have already explained that Saturn will deliver the good and bad effect of the Sanchit Karma which can be understood by the power of Jupiter in a native’s horoscope where we should also consider the placement of Jupiter and the relationship of Jupiter with other planets through the Nakshatras), Sun (represents the energy and status), Moon (representing the mind), Venus (represents Luxury, refined oil and any other thing which is refined and made beautiful. This needs to be studied with respect to Venus’s placement in the house, sign and aspect), Mercury (represents intellect and the accument to trade by speaking/striking deals and the use of intellect). Rahu and Ketu are important planets where Rahu is important for material prosperity while Ketu gives an attitude towards renunciation or hardships which instill the mind towards the same. Life, therefore, is governed by Jupiter and Saturn delivers the results of the Sanchit Karma through the interplay of planets like Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu.

Saturn (whether good karma or bad karma, karma is karma) and let us discuss the results of combination of Saturn with other planets.

When Saturn is –

1) With Sun & Sun in good position then it is called “Raja Karma”,

2) With Moon – indicating moving, travelling aspects etc.

3) With Mars (Powers, Shakti, Yantra), Yantra Karma.

4) With Mercury (Intelligence and Commerce) Karma in such aspects,

5) With Jupiter – Guru Karma

6) With Venus (Wealth/Luck) such aspects of Karma

7) With Dragon Head – Rahu Karma (rituals).

8) With Dragon – Tail Moksha Karma, Karma of liberation.

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