Partnerships for a Businessman Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

The Chandra-lagna is also strong we may conclude.

Next we pass on to the planetary insignificators of the occupation. The Surya (Sun) we examine first. The Surya is in its exaltation and occupies the Lagna also. Thus the Surya is strong by sign and house. The Surya rules the 5th house from the Lagna, .e., Trine; thus the Surya (Sun), a lord of a Trine, is in the Lagna; it is a factor which makes both the Surya and the Lagna strong. The Surya’s position from the Chandra is not bad; the Surya is conjoined by the Buddha in the 1st house and the Buddha is deemed strong in the 1st house; the Buddha is not weak by the sign it occupies. It means a strong Buddha conjoins the Surya and makes the Surya gain in strength consequently. The Guru, the ruler of the 9th house from the Lagna, fully aspects the Surya. The Guru rules also the 12th house from the Lagna. In the case of the Guru, however, the association with the 12th houses from the Chandra; it means the Guru rules the Kendras from the Chandra-lagna. In the birth chart the Guru is not weak by sign and house. The full aspect of the Guru to the Surya is very beneficial we may conclude. No Malefic fully aspects the Surya (Sun). The lord of the sign which contains the Surya is in its enemy’s house but in the Navamsa chart it occupies its own house. The Surya is surrounded by an exalted Shukra (Venus) on one side; on the other side, however, there is a Malefic in its enemy’s house but the Malefic happens to own the Lagna.

In the Navamsa chart the Surya is not weak by the sign, but it is strong by the house it occupies. The Surya is surrounded by the Chandra and the Shukra who exchange houses and thus gain in strength. The Surya too gets benefited by being surrounded by a strong Benefic and a strong Chandra. The Malefics which surround the Surya lose much of their vicious nature as they are conjoined by the Shukra and the Chandra and as they are also benefited by the Parivertan Yoga which is caused by the positions of the Chandra and the Shukra and which upgrades and fortifies them. The Surya is not fully aspected by any Malefic. The dispositor of the Surya gains in strength considerably by the full aspect of the Mangal, the lord of the house which contains the Buddha, the dispositor of the Surya.
The Surya is strong we may conclude.

The Buddha is the next insignificator of occupation and we proceed to examine the same. The Buddha is not weak by sign but it is strong by house. The houses the Buddha owns are good as they are the Uppachaya houses. It is the lord of the Chandra-lagna. The Guru, the lord of the 9th house from the Lagna fully aspects the Buddha. It is surrounded by the exalted Shukra; the Malefic on the other side owns the Lagna. No Malefic fully aspects the Buddha. The Buddha conjoins the exalted Surya which owns the 5th house from the Lagna. The position of the Buddha in the Navamsa chart is good. It owns the 1st house and is fully aspected by it dispositor; its dispositor is strong being in its own house.

We may conclude that the Buddha is strong.

The Guru we examine next. The Guru rules a rine and occupies a Kendra. The Guru is fully aspected by the ruler of a Trine which occupies the Lagna and which is exalted. The Guru exchanges houses with the Shukra which is also exalted and this Parivertan Yoga also gives rise to another Yoga which associates a Kendra and a Trine and which is ranked with the Raja Yogas. The Guru is in Sambandhan with the Buddha also and this Sambandhan associates two of the Upachaya houses with a Trine. The Guru occupies its own Nakshatra and it rules the Nakshatra which contains the Shukra. The Guru fully aspects both the Lagna and the Chandra-lagna and being the ruler of a Trine and the occupant of a Kendra strengthens both the Lagna and the Chandra-Lagna by its full aspect thereof. The Guru rules the 12th house from the Lagna which in the case of the Guru is not a serious Dosha. The Guru rules the Kendras from the Chandra-lagna.

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