Nakshatras and Professions Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal   
Part 2

(14) Chitra: Lawyers, Judges, middlemen, agents, surgeons, philosopher, scent and perfume manufacturers, priests, garments, jewellery, traders in gold ornaments, precious and semi-precious metals, auto accessories, vehicles, films, textiles etc.

(15) Swati: Transport industry, pilots, air-hostesses, fancy goods, engineers, servants, leather items, cooks, opera, dramatists, traders in drugs, wines, chilies, betel nuts, asafetida, mustard, cosmetics, anesthesia etc.

(16) Vishaka: Travelling salesmen, representatives, exporters, consultants, airtravel, shipping, hileliers, brokers, bankers, auditors, marketing and advertisement, publicity, minting, traders in greengram, black gram, cotton, wheat, sweets, gold, silk, velvet, stationery, processed food etc.

(17) Anuradha: Mining engineers, criminal lawyers, plumbers, dentists, jailors, guards, watchman, dealers in Coal, Minerals, Brothers, leather trade, skins, hides, woolen articles, Traders in Rice, Grams, Coconuts, dates, groundnuts, chemicals, etc.

(18) Jyestha: Intellectuals, Philosophers, Advocates, Judges, Politicians, Orators, Physicians, Horse Racing, Jockeys, Traders in Silver, Mercury, Camphor, inflammable Oils, Chemicals, Asafetida, Emeralds etc.

(19) Moola: Doctors, Surgeons, Automobile Engineers, Insurance Agents, Publishers, Military men, secret agents, Jailors, Traders in gold, Silver, Cotton, Jaggery, Wheat, Turmeric, carrots etc.

(20) Poorva Shadda: Judges, Lawyers, Astrologers, Tantriks, Transport Industry, Music, Foreign exchange Dealers, traders in Sandal, Gold, Diamonds, rose water, perfume, ice, ghee etc.

(21) Uttarashada: Agents, representatives, Scientists, Thinkers, Philosophers, Archeology, Translators, Woollen Garments, Revenue Collectors, Traders in Lamps, Bulbs, Furnaces, Petrochemicals, Electrical, electronics, rubies, Weapons, Gold, Idols of deities etc.

(22) Shravana: Mining products, chemicals, oil, coal, excavations, explorers, plumbers, agriculturists, fishermen, traders in silver, curds, buttermilk, milk, holy-water, betel nuts, chemicals, liquid medicines, pepper, cast iron, lead etc.

(23) Dhanishta: Mining engineers, defense officials, secret service, detectives, insurance agents, police officials, surgeons, jailors, dealers in iron, gold, wheat, mills, safe, vaults, tanks, machines etc.

(24) Shatbisha: Astrologers, translator, Authors, Finance Professionals, Travellers, Intellectuals, Occultists, Doctors, Stock Brokers, Traders in petrol, Silver, Lead, Iron and Steel, Narcotics, Drugs, Atom Bombs, electronics, Explosives, Modern Gadgets etc.

(25) Poorva Bhadra: Statisticians, Medicine, Share Brokers, Research Workers, Planning and Administrative Department, Foreign Exchange Dealers, astrologers, Hoteliers, Priests, Saints, Traders in Gold, Medicines, Sweets, Ghee, Coins, Jewellery, Wines etc.

(26) Uttara Bhadra: Police Officials, Jailors, Politicians, Engineers, Exporters and Importers, Slaves, Labour Class, Insurance Agents, Wrestlers, Store Keepers, Dealers in drugs, Wines, Tobacco, Stones, Boots, Leather Jaggery etc.

(27) Revati: Journalists, Editors, Publishers, Film Actors, civil Engineers, Sharebrokers, Advertising agencies, Teachers, Mathematicians, Auditors, Currency Notes, Finance Professionals, Bankers, Traders in Coconuts, Betelnuts, Silver, Medicines, Films, Books etc.

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