Sun Sign Compatibility With Cancer

Sun Sign Compatibility With Cancer
Domestic: Cancer will enjoy running the home, and Aries will be glad to go along with that.

Adventure: Worlds apart, these don’t have much in common. Aries is too impulsive for comfort.

Passion: Aries has a huge appetite for love and passion, so an affair with this sign can be exhausting!

Domestic: Will usually work out well, with input from both. The family will have a stable environment.

Adventure: Worlds A reasonable match. Both will enjoy similar pastimes, with less emphasis on the adventure.

Passion: Each will enjoy the other’s tenderness, and savor the afterglow. An extremely satisfactory situation.

Domestic: This will be a neat and well-kept scene. Both like it that way, especially if Cancer is the motivator.

Adventure: Gemini is more inquisitive, which won’t appeal. Why can’t we go to the same place again-and again?

Passion: The pace is a bit uneven, and Cancer may put his or her foot in it at times, spoiling the mood.

Domestic: Like-minded, these two will be comfortable and practical. The children will have to behave.

Adventure: Well-matched, you two! Whatever each does won’t be far off the partner’s mark.

Passion: No dizzy heights of passion, but who needs that anyway? The closeness is the thing.

Domestic: Leo may be too lavish or Cancer, but the kids will love the home and the atmosphere.

Adventure: Tastes differ here, but passably. Leo is more spontaneous and should choose the venue.

Passion: Very similar to Aries in this department! Where does that appetite come from?

Domestic: No problems here, and the two will help each other out. Each will learn new tricks, too.

Adventure: They’ll help each other in whatever they do, and both will come back for more.

Passion: These two can heal each other’s heartaches and other pains. Cancer, just don’t cling too much.

Domestic: Conflicting ideas can be problematic. Libra wants things their way, and vice versa!

Adventure: How nice of Libra to bring that small gift. And my headache isn’t that bad after all.

Passion: Aries has a huge appetite for love and passion, so an affair with this sign can be exhausting!

Domestic: Cancer needs to compromise a bit here, but they’ll understand each other’s needs.

Adventure: Yes, the competitiveness is a drawback, but Cancer is ready for a game now and again.
Passion: Both will relish the emotional involvement. This will work well, with Scorpio leading the way.

Domestic: Whither away, Sagittarius? Dost thou leave thy partner alone at home again?

Adventure: No and no again. Sagittarius will be restless within half an hour, most of the time.

Passion: Hardly, a long-term involvement, as Cancer soon discovers. How did it get this far, anyway?

Domestic: To learn from each other’s opposite nature is the ideal. As spouses, they will do so.

Adventure: Not bad at all. They should develop and concentrate on some shared interests.

Passion: Cancer will feel safe and warm, perhaps loosening up Capricorn’s suspicions in the process.


Domestic: Not a comfortable match, Cancer can’t understand the erratic tastes, while Aquarius must have variety.

Adventure: The wise Cancerian will let Aquarius do his thing alone, mostly. That’ll save on tranquillizers!

Passion: Look, Cancer, I told you at least once this year that I love you! What more do you want?


Domestic: This is fine, Cancer will usually be happy to clear up the mess, as long as it’s not unreasonable.

Adventure: They’ll trundle around the countryside quite happily together. Good company for each other.

Passion: Pisces will soothe Cancer’s nerves, and they will both feel uplifted. Well and good.

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