Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effect of various planets in Aries Sign

Sun: Sun placed in Aries will make native active, intelligent, famous, traveler, wealthy, warrior, variable fortune, ambitious, phlegmatic, powerful, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering and initiative.

Moon: Moon placed in Aries will make native impulsive, fond of travel, irritable, fond of women, quick to decide and act, haughty, inflexible, sores in the head, dexterous, fickle-minded, war-like, enterprising, good position, self-respect, valiant, ambitious, liable to hydrophobia, popular, restless, idiosyncratic, versatile. His eyes will be Round & pretty. If Moon is afflicted then native will have large thighs but weak knees.

Mars: Mars placed in Aries will make native having organizing capacity and, commanding, rich, social, scars in the body, sensual, dark, mathematician, rich social, sensual, dark, active, powerful, inspiring, pioneering able, bold, eager for fight, states manly, frank, generous, careful, not economical in domestic dealings, vague imaginations, hard-hearted, easily angered and give scars in body.

Mercury: Mercury placed in Aries will make native evil-minded, quarrelsome, clever, great endurance, materialistic tendencies, unscrupulous, wavering mind, antagonistic, fond of speculation, impulsive, greedy, dangerous connections, deceitful, person who suffer by debt & imprisonment and waste money.

Jupiter: Jupiter placed in Aries will make native powerful, wealthy, courteous, generous, firm, sympathetic, patient nature, harmonious, refined, high position and, will have body scarred by injuries, love of grandeur and happy marriage.

Venus: Venus placed in Aries will make native a leader of an army, a town or a group of people; eager to do abroad, dreamy, idealist, proficient in fine arts, licentious, sorrowful, fickle-minded, unhappy, irreligious, easy going, imprisonment or loss of wealth due to loose life, suffer night blindness.
Saturn: Saturn placed in Aries will make native wanderer, sharp temper, cruel, quarrelsome, deceitful, friendless, he will have a weak body and do excessive physical labour & pleasures.
Rahu: If Rahu is placed in Aries the native will acquire land, property, he will not straightforward and happiness of family.

Ketu: If Ketu is placed in Aries the native will bear a loss of property, position, cattle and he will be poor and unstable.


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