Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal


1. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

2. The secondary colours are orange, green and violet.

3. Red with a touch of blue produces crimson.

4. Yellow and crimson colours produce orange.

5. Crimson and blue produce violet.

6. Red and blue in equal parts produce purple.

7. Blue and yellow produce green.

8. Red with a touch of yellow produces scarlet.

9. White with a touch of black produces grey.

10. Red is a warm colour.

11. To brighten a colour adds orange.

12. Blue is a cool colour.

13. To give warmth add red. Yellow is a bright colour.

14. To brighten and warm add orange.

15. White and grey are cold.

16. To cool and deepen add blue.

17. Orange is warm. To cool and lighten add green.

18. To deepen and warm add purple.

The Use of Colour

1. The following chart will indicate the effect of the use of various colours.

2. Red-strong, courageous, exuberant, dynamic, Creative, irresistible.

3. Yellow- gay, light and beautiful.

4. Green- calm, pastoral, builder for further expression.

5. White- lively, pure, joyful, truthful.

6. Blue- soothing, truthful.

7. Black- despondent, sorrowful, illness, death.

8. Violet- serene and lofty heights, mysterious, secret.

9. Orange- mediator of red and yellow.

10. Green-blue- restless, acceleration, moving.

11. Indigo- deep, vital, balanced.

12. Rose- higher vibration of red. Grey, beige, eggshell, Midnight Blue, neutrals of bridges.

13. Maroon- vitality.

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