Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: The Rudraksh, Chapter XII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Faces of Rudrakshas

It is believed that the smalled the size of Rudrakshas, the more auspicious it is. The importance of Rudrakshas has been detailed in all the Puranas of the Hindu Religion, such as Devi Purana, Shiv Purana, Sikand Purana, Padam Purana, Ling Purana etc.

Rudrakshas Utility

In the modern scientific age, everything is subjected to test. Unless and until the test is completed and results obtained, nothing can be accepted as scientific, yet there are thousands of natural articles which are not subject to any test, yet are result-oriented. These include Shavetarak Ganpati, Dakshineya Sankh, Siyar Singhi, Hath Jori, Safteek Shiva Linga, Parad Shiv Linga. Pardarshi Saligram, Kam roop Mani, Abayakat Salligaram and The Lagu coconut. All these things are very rare but when found give health, wealth and happiness.

Likewise, nature has created Rudraksha. Rudraksh trees are found in Nepal, Tibet, Indonesia and Malaysia. The trees bear flowers and then the flowers turn into fruits which are called Rudrakshas. These are generally found with Yogis, Sanyasis. Foreigners and people use them around their neck as beads or as a rosary.

The Rudraksh brings good fortune. Out of the series of Rudrakshas One, Five, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Fourteen and twenty-one faced are termed very lucky, and are rarely available. This also includes Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. When two or three Rudrakshas are joined together they are known as Gauri Sankar and Parvati, which is the most auspicious for wealth, family and comforts.

These are often helpful in curing diseases. Those having blood pressure should wear it on the right arm. Fatal discases, epilepsy and fainting fits are curd by rubbing it in honey. They are being used in many Ayurvedic medicines and in its capsules.

Normally one to 16 faced Rudrakshas are available in the market, but are costly, whereas 17 to 21 faced are rarely available. All are genuine. These should be worn after performing due rituals to gain maximum benefit out of this rare natural fruit.

Methods of Wearing

Detailed methods for wearing the Rudraksh are provided below. The person who has to wear Rudraksha should take a bath early on Monday morning, should wear clean clothes and sit on asana and keep with him Puja Samagri and Ganges water and the Rudraksh which he wants to wear. The Rudraksh should be kept on a wooden piece before him. One should apply tilak on his forehead with chandan, sandoor and Bhasam. One should keep towel etc., on the head.

Pooja be started with three Achmans reciting each time the following mantras:

Om Keshvaye Nama Swaha
Om Madhvaye Nama Swaha
Om Narayanaye Nama Swaha

After performing Pranayam and paying respects to Lord Shiva. Ganesha, Vishnu and to one’s preceptor one should then do Sankalpa. In case one does not remember Sankalpa, then one should utter in one’s mind that purpose for which the Rudraksh is being worn.

This should be done with complete faith.

After Sankalpa, perform pooja of various lords and wash Rudraksh in Panch Amrit and finally with Ganges water. Put a black thread in the Rudraksh and wear it on the arm or around the neck.
This method is for all types of Rudraksh, whereas mantras for each faced Rudraksh are different.


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