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Mars is the SOLDIER. It is the GENERAL and takes orders form the KING. This planet represents YOUR SELF - the way your EGO will behave. It represents actions, degree of rashness, anger / temper, attitude to domestic life, partner and that which is not known. It represents CUTS - SURGERIES - ACCIDENTS - SUDDEN PROBLEMS. Mars when DEBILITATED ie in Cancer makes a person who acts from the back, has some qualities of BEING A MANIPULATOR, interested in relationships that may not be correct & in the present day/time i have observed that those with debilitated MARS are shrewd/cunning/do well as straight forward disposition as a trait may not be mostly welcome in A BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. It also represent MALE FRIENDS. Ultimate analysis depends on placement, aspect, conjunction, degrees and the depositor. I LOVE THE RAJASWIK MARS - STRONG MARS IS A FIGHTER - OBEYS COMMANDS OF THE KING - MAY NOT BE SUITED FOR MARRIAGE AS A SOLDIER VALUES DUTY FIRST - THEY GIVE THE WORLD THE PROTECTION - WHEN GOOD THEY PROTECT THE WEAK. Look at your mars - strong in Aries & looks at the external world and in Scorpio it looks ITSELF/THE SELF internally. A very important planet that rules i believe the 48th to 60th year of your life. I STOP NOW ---.

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