Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 30

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Stomach Disorder

Part 1

Disorders of the stomach are certainly the most common infection that afflicts and annoys us. It has been estimated that stomach disorders outnumber other diseases. Medically this is called Gastroenterology and its specialist is known as Gastro-enterologist. Stomach is a key organ of the digestive system and plays a chief role in the digestion of food. It is situated inside the abdomen which includes liver, pancreas, intestines, spleen and other internal organs. The abdomen has nine regions. Of these nine regions, one is stomach.


It is one of the common diseases that gives us troubles very often. In summer months, everyone suffers from this disease. The usual symptoms of this disease are loose-bowels or frequent bowel movements along with stomachache or bellyache.
Expert medical advice is required to be sought at the time of attack and side by side gems can be used to avoid future recurrence.
Gems are generally used as a second line of defence against disease.
In astrology, the abdomen is under the control of several planets. The Sun is the chief planet for digestion and Sun’s rays are essential for proper and good digestion. During the rainy season, when the sky remains cloudy, most of the digestive disorders invade our body. It is now proved beyond doubt that Sun’s rays are absolutely essential for good and proper digestion.
One single gem Emerald in 6 Rattis may remove this disease completely.
The prescription for gems in respect of stomach disorders in general will be as under:
Emerald in 6 rattis on middle finger, Yellow Sapphire in 4 rattis on anamika. One single gem Pittambari Nila in 4 rattis on little finger may also prove to be very helpful. Sometimes one may be frightened to use Nila, in that case, he is advised not to use it, but to use yellow Sapphire.


It is a kind of stomach disorder characterized by abdominal pain, belly-ache, diarrhea, bloody-stools, muscus-filled stools etc. It is called by amebae (amoebic dysentery) and bacteria (bacillary dysentery). It denotes irritation of bowels, pain in the stomach with frequent bowel movements. During rainy season, dysentery takes away many valuable lives. Expert medical treatment has to be provided at the time of attack and side by side gems can be used as a second line of defence against this disease.
It is guaranteed that gems will provide immunity against future recurrence.
One single gem Pittambari Nila in 4 rattis can drive off this disease completely. But the difficulty is that one may be frightened to use Nila, in that case he is advised to wear Emerald in 6 rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 4/5 Rattis. These two gems if worm jointly can remove this disease completely. There will be no fear of its further recurrence.


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