Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Deity of Mantras

Each Mantras has its own deity and there are different mantras which have been ascribed to each deity. Of course, each Mantra creates vibrations, when recited and enthralls the deity. Among the following, either of the deities, could be the deity of one of the mantras.

1. Rudr 2. Mangal 3. Garuda 4. Gandharva 5. Yaksha 6. Raksh 7. Bhujang 8. Kinner 9. Pichach 10. Bhut 11. Deetya 12. Indra 13. Siddh 14. Vidyaddhar 15. Asur

Factors which are related to the efficacy of the Mantra.

1. Faith: Our classics have put emphasis on the fact that there are other features which are very essential to keep up the efficacy of the mantras and faith is the most important of them all. The devotee must have full faith in his guru (Mantra shastra teacher) as well as the divine power that guidfes our destiny.

2. Discipline: Readiness to subject oneself to rigorous discipline is also essential. Without effort nothing worthwhile can be gained. In religious parlance it is known as Tapas (penance).

3. Concentration: If the mind begins to move about without a definite destination or purpose, the efficacy of the undertaking will necessarily be jeopardized. Confusion, anxiety, excitement, fright etc., must be avoided. Calm and concentrated mind will enable us to procure the desired benefits easily.

Gender of Mantras

According to tantras the mantras are categorized in three genders. The mantras could be categorized as masculine, feminine and neutral mantras. All these mantras enjoy equal powers and are no way inferior to each other. If a Mantra ends with swah then it is called feminine Mantra. Such mantras are mostly used for menial aim and considered best. Namah is suffixed at the end of the neutral mantras. These mantras are mostly used for the purpose of magic and enmity.

In tantras it is mentioned that if the Mantra is having hum phat at its end then the Mantra is automatically masculine and if there is hum-namah then it is neutral.


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