Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 26

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mantras for North Node (Rahu)

Part 2

Kyanishit hridayae namah (Touch your heart with your hand), abuoduti sirse swah (Touch your head) sadabradh sikhayee vast (Touch your hairs), sakha kavchayee hum (Touch your right shoulder with left hand and left with right), kyashchistye netartrayee vaushat (Touch your eyes) vrata astrayee phat (clap, after taking circle around your head)

Dhyana verse

Take blue flowers in your hands and do dhyana as under.

Karalvadana kharaghcharam shul varparda|
Nilsinhasanasch rahusatantr parsasyete||

After dhyana perform mental pooja of Rahu as under.

Lam Prithvivyatmak rahuve namah gandham parikalpyami|
Ham Aakashatmak rahuve namah Pushpam parikalpyami|
Yam Vyaayatmak rahuve namah dhupam parikalpyami|
Ram Brahmyatmak rahuve namah dipam parikalpyami|
Vam Lalatmak rahuve namah navedyam parikalpyami|
Now perform pooja of Rahu by taking rosary in the hand and recite the following mantra for the rosary.

Ma male mahamale sarvshakti sawrupani|
Chaturvargsstavyinayeesatsamanmam sidhidabhav||

Now start reciting mantra facing towards east direction. Rahu mantra for recital is as under.

||Rahu Mantra||

Om bram brim brom sa bhur bhuva swah om kyanishit abuoduti sadabradh sakhaA kyashchistye vrata| Om swah bhuva bhu om sa brom brim bra mom Rahuvee namah||

||Rahu Gayatri Mantra||
Om Nilvarnaye vidyamahe sehikeyay dhimahi tannoo Rahu Parchodayat||

Other Rahu mantras for recital are:-

Om bram brim broom sah rahuve namah||

Om Ram Rahuve namah||


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