Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 31


Dr. Shanker Adawal   

Scorpio is a watery sign. Its lord is Mars. Ketu is exalted in this sign and Moon is debilitated here. This sign rules outer sexual organs, scrotum, rectum, anus etc. Person having debilitated position suffers from piles, fissue, urinary infections boils, and operations etc. Scorpions are found in services, police, paramilitary forces, detectives, chemists and advocates etc. Person having Scorpio ascendant or Moon Sign Scorpio should recite this mantras. This mantra is to be recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Narayana Suryasinghaya Namah||


Sagittarius is a fiery sign. It is dual natured and positive in nature. Its lord is Jupiter. It is significator of ambitious nature and eager to learn and with good judgement. Sagittarians are vulnerable to diseases like anaemia, poor digestions flatulence, disorders of liver/gall bladder, jaundice, high fevers, diabetes, rheumatism and troubles in hips and thighs. As Jupiter is lord of sign, persons are in the profession of advice giving or teaching such as businessmen, trainers for jobs, financial advisors and other related jobs. Person having Sagittarius ascendant or Moon sign Sagittarius should recite this mantra. This mantra is to be recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Shrim Devkrishanaya Udarjaya Namah||


It is an earthy sign. Its lord is Saturn. It signifies dutifulness and responsibility. Mars is exalted in this sign whereas Jupiter is debilitated here. It is moveable sign, negative and female in nature. Capricornia’s body suffer from disease like joint pains/inflammation, arthritis, general weakness, emaciated body, skin diseases, and allergies They choose profession such as businessmen, agriculturists, lawyers, leaders, politicians etc. Person having Capricorn ascendant or Moon Sign Capricorn should recite this mantra. This mantra is to be recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Shrim Vatsalaya Namah||


Aquarius is an airy sign ruled by Saturn. It signifies dutifulness and responsibility. It is fixed, positive, male, talkative and biped sign signifies honesty, ideals and sensitiveness in the native. Good health of Aquarians depends on the position of the Moon. If Moon is not positioned well, being the Lord of sixth house, they tend to suffer from fractures in lower legs, cancerous diseases and wounds etc. Aquarians take jobs such as servants, thinkers, writers and religious teachers etc. Person having Aquarius ascendant or Moon Sign Aquarius should recite this mantra. This mantra is to be recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Shri Upendraya Acchutaya Namah||


Pisces is a watery sign. Its lord is Jupiter. It signifies fortune and knowledge. Venus is exalted here and Mercury is debilitated. It is dual in nature. It is negative, female, fruitful and footless sign. Pisceans are generally gentle, cheerful, empathetic, caring, dutifulness attitude etc. When Sun is strong they remain healthy otherwise they tend to suffer from gout pains, joint pains, and disorders related with blood circulation, lymphatic system feet, toes, bones of the feet. Person having Pisces ascendant or Moon Sign Pisces should recite this mantra. This mantra is to be recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Klim uddhritaya uddharine namah||

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