Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Saturn’s Transit in Libra, Chapter XIV, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

14.3 Effect of Saturn’s Transit on Natives

14.3.1 The general effects of transit Saturn on natives are given in chapter-9. However these are modified by various factors as follows. Firstly let us see the Prayaya/ cyclic effects of Saturn. The Saturn being slow moving, its one cycle lasts for about 30 years. Depending upon the age of the native and position of natal Saturn in native’s birth chart, different results should be expected. The details are covered in Para 9.3 of chapter-9.

14.3.2 Moorthy Nirnaya: The general principles & results are already covered in Para 5.11 of chapter-5. At the time of Saturn’s entry in to Libra on 15 Nov 2011 at 10th 12m, the Moon was transiging in Ardra Nakshtra of Gemini. So the results of Saturn’s transit will be modified as per Swarna-moorthy for Gemini, Capricorn & Leo Moon-sign natives (being 1, 6, 11 from birth sign), which is extremely good giving excellent results. The results will be modified as per Rajat-moorthy for Taurus, Aquarius & Libra natives (being 2, 5, 9 from birth sign) bringing good results & opportunities. The results will be as per Tamra-moorthy for Aries, Sagittarius & Virgo natives (being 3, 7, 10 from birth sign) giving mixed results. The transit results of Saturn will be as per Loha-moorthy for Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer natives (being 4, 8, 12 from the birth sign), which may be a trying (bad) period.

14.3.3 Nakshtranga Shani: The transit results of Saturn as per its Nakshtra vis-à-vis natal Nakshtra of any native have been shown in table – 34 of chapter-9. This chapter also deal with other factors modifying transit like benefic Nakshtra from natal Nakshtra, Vedhas, Vipreet Vedhas, and Nakshtra Angphal etc. In addition when Saturn passes through 1st (natal), 3rd (Vipat), 5th (Pratyak) and 7th (Nidhan) Nakshtra from one’s birth Nakshtra, the results are really bad, particularly so in the 7th Nakshtra. Saturn’s transit through these unfavourable Nakshtras with specific periods are given below:

i) Saturn in Chitra: from 15th Nov 2011 to 11th Oct 2012- unfavorable period will be for following natal Nakshtra:- Natal (1st)- Mrigshira, Chitra & Dhanishta Vipat (3rd)- Krittika, U. Phalguni & U. Ashada: Pratyak (5th)- Ashwani, Magha & Moola : and Nidhan (7th) – Pushya, Anuradha & U. Bhadrapad.

ii) Saturn in Swati from 11th Oct 2012 to 4th Nov 2013- Unfavourable period will be for the following Nakshtra:- Natal (1st)- Ardra, Swati & Satbhisha; Vipat (3rd)- Rohini, Hasta & Sravan: Pratyak (5th)- Bharini, P. Phalguni & P. Ashada: and Nidhan (7th)- Ashlesha, Jyeshta & Revati.

iii) Saturn in Vishakha from 4th Nov 2013 to 2nd Nov 2014- Unfavourable period will be for the following Nakshtra:- Natal (1st)- Punurvasi, Vishakha & U. Bhadra: Vipat (3rd)- Mrigshira, Chitra & Dhanishta: Pratyarak (5th)- Krittika, U. Phalguni & U. Ashada: and Nidhan (7th)- Ashwani, Magha & Moola.

14.3.4 Special Transits: Saturn in the 12th, 1st & 2nd from the Moon sign at birth is dreaded too much and is called Sadhe Sati. During Saturn’s sojourn in Libra, the affected natives will be those having natal Moon sign in Virgo, Libra or Scorpio. Its results have been discussed in detail in Para 9.5 of chapter-9. Ashtam Shani (in 8th from natal Moon sign i.e. Pisces) is equally malignant. Saturn in 4th, 7th & 10th from natal Moon sign i.e. Cancer, Aries & Capricorn, called Kantak Shani / Ardha-Ashtama Shani, is also unfavourable. These have been discussed in para 9.6 of chapter-9. Saturn bestows favourable results only in 3rd, 6th & 11th from natal Moon sign i.e. in present context in Leo, Taurus & Sagittarius Moon sign. In Sagittarius, Saturn’s transit otherwise also give good results and is called Kodand Shani.

14.3.4 Natal Position of Planets: The strength of natal Saturn (by position, conjunction & aspect) and its transit over natal position of a planet, ascendant and 10th cusp play an important role. These have been discussed in Para 9.7 of chapter-9. The other factors modifying transit are also discussed in chapter-5.

14.3.5 Inter-action with Dasha lords: As brought out earlier, transit only delivers what natal chart promises and dasha sequence packages for delivery. Therefore it is essential to see transit position of lords of dasha, Antar-dasha & Pratyantar-dasha (particularly or slow moving planets) and their inter-action with exalted Saturn in Libra.


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