Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.3 Saturn’s Return or Paryaya

Part 2

vi) During transit in 6th house, if there is Maraka dasha-Antar dasha running simultaneously, the body becomes weak & tired and bad times, melancholous mood with displeasure from friends may happen. If simultaneously in Navamsha or Drekkana, the 11th lord is in 6th or 8th house, the mother of the native may pass.

vii) During transit in 7th house, there may be sickness to the native or to his place. He may develop indecisiveness in regard to future plans of life.

viii) During transit in 8th house or Ashtam Shani , in addition to problems indicated in sub-para (vii) above, there may be death of some relative. The native may develop some bad company bringing disrepute and have some injury involving legs. If dasha of a Markesh or of Saturn is operating, he may have a serious accident.

ix) During transit in 9th house, native may complete basic education, earn name, fame and may start his own earning. It may result in comforts but initial hurdles/ losses as well. This period may bring bad health to father, expenditure on undesirable activities and chance of an accident during journey.

x) During transit in 10th house, the native may face real responsibilities and make serious commitments, perhaps to marriage or business. One may meet a person or businessman, who will help him in the career/ business. Thereafter much comforts, good employment/ business may be expected. The native may develop tendency to criticize others, which may result in opposition from friends and relatives.

xi) When Saturn goes to 11th house, the native may get helpful friends, business partner or help from spouse’s family for progress in profession. He may assess relationships that have failed and realize that it is time to end them. He may start a family or buy a home. He may enjoy good health, financial gains and honour as well.

xii) During transit in 12th house, there may be health problems, expenditure on heath of own or of parents, non-cooperation from relatives and financial constraints. There are chances of financial losses due to theft, quarrels or litigations. The native may reassess his career and review his progress to date. If Saturn is Vargottam, there will be good Rajyoga bestowing good employment, marriage to highly placed partner, comforts and progress in education.


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