Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.11 10th House Transits

The Sun: It indicates victory over opponents, successful completion of big & important undertakings, some real achievements, freedom from diseases and gain of happiness, wealth and honour.

The Moon: It denotes of desired objects, happiness, pleasure & comforts at home and better public relations or social status.

Mars: It denotes success in official work, increased influence, successful culmination of works, good income, hard work to fulfill desires; but in the first half, there may be troubles with servants or co-workers, conflict with government or persons in authority and ill health, fear & enmity may cause anxiety about profession.

Mercury: It indicates good health, gain of money & increased income, success in profession, study of new subjects, interest in new ventures, occult / religious matters, gainful communications through advertising/ contracts and over all happiness.

Jupiter: It indicates troubles with superiors, loss of prestige, humiliation, danger/ loss to property, friends & children, increased expenditure, trouble from servants, domestic quarrels; but travel and change of profession/ place may be favourable.

Venus: A favourable period for business/ profession, good relations with persons of authority & of opposite sex and success in social/ love affairs.

Saturn: A period of mixed results with losses & gains balanced. In professional life, one will have additional responsibility & success, but if one shirks the responsibility, he will become a failure. Negative energies could cause disaster threatening one’s job, status & prestige.

Rahu: It indicates quarrels/ disputes with superiors, colleagues & servants, loss of money & status and bad luck.

Ketu: Generally no good results are indicated.


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