Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Transit of Planets

3.1.1 As brought out earlier, in Vedic astrology, transit influences are analyzed from natal Moon or Janam Rashi. Although in some cases, ascendant is also used to judge the transit influences. Western astrologers, however, use Sun lagna more frequently. In India, so much importance is given to Janam Rashi, that if date & time of birth of a native is not known, and his birth chart is not available or the position of his natal Moon cannot be ascertained, it is fixed according to the first syllable of the name of the native. In Vedic astrology, it is accepted principle that the first syllable of a native’s name vibrates with influences which correspond to position of Moon in a certain sign & Nakshtra.

3.1.2 Transits of planets are often used in Vedic astrology to forecast future trends and developments. This is normally done with reference to the birth or natal chart of a native. Transits are determined by comparing the positions of planets in the heavens on a given date to those of the natal horoscope, the aspects it makes to the natal planets and its position in the natal houses. To understand a transit, look to the sign and house position, the planet is transiting. These indicate the practical affairs of the life activated by the transiting planet. Next consider the aspects made by the transiting planet to any natal planet, during its transit through the house. The type of aspect being made, the sign and houses ruled by the transiting planet, and the natal planet that is being aspected, along with the sign and houses, the natal planet rules, will influence the affairs of that house. Particular attention is paid to change of sign/house and the aspects the transiting planets make with the planets in the natal chart.

3.1.3. The pattern of the natal chart always determines the value of the transiting planets. For example, if the Sun and Jupiter are in a difficult aspect in natal chart, a positive/ easy aspect between them will not produce the expected benefic result. Also if the planets are not aspected in the natal chart, transiting aspects will have no effect on the native. In short, each native carries the pattern of his natal chart with him all his life and the transiting movements of the planets indicate the time when the potential of the natal chart will find opportunity for developments.

3.1.4 The transits that have the most dramatic and marked influences are those which reinforce natal aspects and involve the same planets. For example, a natal square between Mars and Mercury indicates a tendency towards irritability and mental vehemence; thus whenever transiting Mars or Mercury makes a square, conjunction or opposition to natal mars or Mercury, the native experiences unusual irritation and mental annoyance. This is because transiting Mars or Mercury is reinforcing a natal stress aspect involving these two planets.


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