Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Lord of the Year, Chapter XII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Selection of the Lord of the Year

One of the five office bearers is selected as Lord of the year or Varshesh, provided it fulfils the following qualifications:

1. It should be the strongest among the five office bearers. The strength is ascertained as per their Panch-Vargiya Bala.

2. It should, at the same time, aspect the Varsha- lagna. The aspects are normally Tajika aspects. It is immaterial whether aspects are friendly or inimical. Alternately, lord of the year should not be in 2/12 or 6/8 position from lagna.

3. If the strongest office bearer does not aspect the lagna, chose the next strongest one from the remaining candidates.

4. When more than one office bearer aspect the lagna, the strongest of them becomes the lord of the year.

5. When two office bearers have equal strength and all of them aspect lagna, one holding greater number of portfolio, becomes the lord of the year. However this contingency would not arise, once we take decimal figures of strength into consideration.

In chart No. 22, the five portfolios are held by Sun, Mars & Jupiter (refer Para 2 above). Out of these Jupiter is the strongest with Panch-Vargiya Bala of 14.766; but is located in 2nd house, hence has no aspect with lagna. Therefore his claim for the lord of the year is not acceptable. Of the remaining two, Sun & Mars, both aspect lagna, but Sun is stronger in Panch-Vargiya Bala (14.337). Hence the Sun becomes the year lord or Varshesh for the year.

6. Muntha lord as the lord of the year

1. If no office bearer aspect the lagna, Muntha lord becomes the lord of the year.

2. The Muntha lord also becomes lord of the year, when the strength of all office bearers is less than 5 units in Panch-Vargiya Bala.

Miscellaneous views: Some of the Tajika authorities are of the opinion that if none of the office bearers has adequate strength and not aspect lagna Din-Ratri Pati should be declared as lord of the year. Some others are of the opinion that in such contingency, lord of lagna in the annual chart be declared as lord of the year.

7. Moon as the Lord of the Year
Normally Moon is not selected as the lord of the year as it is considered very soft and not fit to govern. Even if Moon is the strongest of the candidates and also aspects lagna, its claim as lord of the year is normally ignored and the next strongest candidate aspecting lagna is chosen as the lord of the year. If no other office bearer aspect lagna, then in that case:

1. The planet establishing closest Ithasala yoga is chosen as year lord. Some authorities do not look for an office bearer falling next lower in strength to the Moon. They advocate to install the planet in Ithasala with Moon as the year lord in the first place itself.

2. If Moon does not form Ithasala yoga with any planet aspecting lagna, The Moon sign lord is chosen as the lord of the year.

However Moon can be selected as the year lord in special circumstances if:

1. In the annual chart, Cancer is rising in the lagna with Moon in the lagna and the strongest of the office bearers.

2. Varsh-Pravesh occurs at night with Moon as Tri-Rashi Pati, is the strongest in Panch-Vargiya bala, and also aspects lagna.

In the above annual chart, The Moon is the lord of the year; because the Moon is the strongest office bearer with a strength of 13.62. The Varsh-Pravesh is of night and the Moon is Tri-Rashi Pati for Taurus lagna. Moreover Moon aspect lagna from the 10th house.

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