Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Seventh House of marriage & spouse

Part 2

Main Features

1. In birth chart of native, Capricorn was lagna, lagna lord Saturn in 7th (Cancer) and Jupiter & Venus were placed in Libra.

2. In the annual chart, there is Ithasala between,

(a) 7th lord Mercury & Lagna lord Jupiter, and

(b) Lagna lord Jupiter & Venus Karaka for marriage.

3. The Muntha is in inauspicious 4th house, but it is 9th from Moon. Muntha lord is also Lagna lord and is in the house of family having Ithasala with 11th lord & Karaka of marriage Venus.

4. 7th house is in Rahu-Ketu axis with Saturn (Lagna lord of natal chart) denoting controversies and out of caste marriage with a charming girl. Sanjay as a Kashmiri Brahmin married a Sikh girl.

5. 7th lord Mercury is in 12th house with 9th lord Sun (denoting foreign connections of the girl’s family) aspected by 5th lord Mars from 5th house (indicating love marriage).

Native married on 29 Sep 1974 with Ms Maneka, a Sikh girl with her brothers etc settled in foreign.

The general results of various planets placed in 7th house of annual chart are as follows:

1. Sun: Causes ill-health to native/ spouse. There may be losses while travelling.

2. Moon: Benefic disposition brings improvement in business & wealth. But weak & afflicted causes fever, rheumatic pains or ill-health to spouse.

3. Mars: Causes troubles while travelling, mental anxieties, fear from enemies and dispute with public men.

4. Mercury: Brings intimacy with young women, gain in business, and increase in status.

5. Jupiter: Brings success, fearlessness, honour & comforts from government and spouse.

6. Venus: Brings happiness from spouse, discomfort in travel, threat from government, windy & stomach troubles.

7. Saturn: Causes affliction to spouse, discomfort in travel, threat from government, windy & stomach troubles.

8. Rahu: Afflicts secret organs causing piles/ fistula, change of place, poisoning or snake bites.

9. Ketu: Loss of honour & reputation, one may go after low class women.


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