Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Factors Influencing Yogas, Chapter II, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Introduction
In addition to strength of planets involved, there are several factors that significantly modify the results ascribed by various planetary yogas are as under:
i) The sign wherein such planets are placed.

ii) The house/houses involved.

iii) Lordship of planets constituting yogas.

iv) Extent of proximity between planets.

v) Effect of Rahu & Ketu and Retrograde planets.

vi) Planetary aspects.

vii) Dasha System.

2. Signs
2.1 The seven planets from Sun to Saturn imparts their natural/inherent characteristics to the sign they own. The signs owned by Sun, Mars & Saturn have their naturally malefic & aggressive tendencies, which get transmitted to the planets occupying these. Similarly the signs owned by Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus are inherently benign and even malefics occupying these signs acquire some benevolence. For example, Saturn, a natural malefic loses its malevolence when occupying signs of Jupiter or Venus. However the occupancy of a sign takes precedence over the lordship. For example if Sagittarius is occupied by Mars and Jupiter is not associated with its sign, then the Jupiter will give results of Mars as well.

2.2 The 12 signs of zodiac have been classified as per their mobility as movable (signs 1, 4, 7 & 10), fixed (signs 2, 5, 8 & 11) and dual/common (signs 3, 6, 9, & 12). The yogas arising out of planets occupying movable signs have mobility, changeability, adjustability, adaptability, and sharp decisions. Those arising out of fixed signs, are characterized by immovability, fixity, stubbornness, reliability, perseverance, consistency and lack of adaptability. The dual signs give mixed results. Other qualities of signs also influence the results of the yoga formed therein.

2.3 A planet gives best results when it is in its sign of exaltation and its strength keep on diminishing in its position in Mooltrikone sign, own sign, friend’s sign, neutral sign, inimical sign and is least when in its sign of debilitation. These sign and their strength have been explained in chapter- 1. The planets in sign of exaltation and Mooltrikone only takes a native high in life & society.

3. Houses
3.1 Houses one to seven of a chart represent the invisible/dark half of it. The planets in this area keep the native or his activities somewhat in oblivion and do not get full exposure in life. Houses seven to one represent visible/luminous area of the chart. Placement of planets in this half makes one a better entrepreneur, famous & well known, and one’s activities find better exposure and reward. Again planets placed close to house-cusp or Brava-Madhya gives much better results than those placed near the Brava-Sandhi.

3.2 Each house and its lord transmit its qualities to a yoga, which associates with it. Ownership of certain houses, makes the planets functionally benefic or malefic. Planets, as lords of certain houses, impart their qualities to the yogas they participate in. Thus functionally benefic lords participating in a yoga give benevolence and functionally malefic produce malevolence. The houses are broadly divided into two groups- malefic and benefic. Trikone (1st, 5th & 9th) houses & lords are always benefic & auspicious. 2nd & 12th houses & lords are neutral and their auspiciousness is judged by their association or the ownership of the other house. Kendra lords lose their natural qualities i.e. benefics-Jupiter, Venus, Mercury & Moon, lose their benevolence and malefic- Sun, Mars & Saturn, lose their malevolence. So the ideal situation is if Kendra are owned by malefic, but occupied by benefics.

3.3 Malefic Houses: 6th, 8th, & 12th houses are Trika/Dustana and their lords generally produce evil results when yogas get associated with these houses or their lords except in special cases. Trishadya houses (3rd, 6th & 11th) and their lords are also malefic though to a lesser degree. 11th house & lord is bad for health (being 6th of 6th house), but not for wealth. Trishadya lords when placed in own or 3rd, 6th, or 11th from their house, gives good results. Yogas formed in or associated with Trika houses/lords manifest struggle, ill-health, obstacles, or losses in any form. Planets posited in these houses also produce evil results. Any house lord when placed in 8th from its own house, gives ill-results. Association of Mars, Saturn or Rahu (any two) with Trika lord in a Trika house, may cause danger from fire, explosion and may cause painful death. However Sun in 3rd, Mars in 6th, Mercury in 8th and Venus in 12th are exceptions. When Trikone lords secure lordship over a Trika house, the malevolence of the Trika house is considerably reduced.

3.4 Benefic Houses: The other houses and lords are generally benefic. Yogas involving lagna & lagna lord influence nature, health, status & longevity of the native. The 2nd house & lord influence wealth, speech, & family. 3rd house & lord influence younger siblings, mobility, & change. 4th house & lord generally produce happiness & satisfaction and influences mother & comforts. 5th house & lord influence progeny, creative abilities & mental attitude. 7th house & lord influence marriage, spouse, sex, marital relations, business partnership & longevity. 9th house & lord influences luck, father, virtues & religious pursuits, 10th house & lord influences one’s profession, status & power. 11th house & lord influences elder siblings, friends and gains/accomplishment of all sorts by all means. 12th house & lord indicates losses, expenses & forbidden pursuits. Lords of Kendra & Trikones are always auspicious, whether they are natural malefic or benefic. Even malefic or lords of malefic houses, when related with Trikones or Trikone lords becomes auspicious. 2nd, 4th, & 10th houses are auspicious in conferring benefic results. But when lords of 3rd, 6th, or 11th secure lordship of these houses, they lose strength to deliver benefic results.

3.5. Yogkaraka Planets: A planet, that is simultaneously lord of a Kendra and a Trikone house, is called a Yogkaraka planet. Such a planet is the most beneficial planet for that particular lagna and does not suffer even if it is combust. This honour is given to only three planets- Mars for Cancer & Leo lagna, Venus for Capricorn & Aquarius lagna, and Saturn for Taurus & Libra lagna.

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