Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 92


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y-6- Effects of Major Periods- Effects conferrable by lord of a Major period are never realized in his own sub period. Such effects will materialize in sub periods of planets connected with the lord of Major period.

Y-7- Evil of Maraka for Venus and Jupiter- Jupiter and Venus with lordship over quadrants and staying in Maraka Sthana become stronger Maraka. This applies to Mercury and Moon as well but not so seriously. When Sun and Moon are highly Malefic, only then, they become Maraka.

Y-8- Major Period effects- A planet in debilitation, which happens to be the 6th, 8th or 12th will confer very had effects in its Major period; but a planet in debilitation which happens to be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 11th house will confer benefic effects also to some extent.

In benefic sub-period occurring in the Major period of a benefic, there will always be beneficial effects; and a mixture in sub periods of Malefic.

In benefic sub period occurring in Major period of a Malefic, there will be bad results in the first half and good results later.

In the Major period of a Maraka planet connected with trine, there will be only bad effects.

Lordship over a trine will go a waste if the planet is placed in 2nd or 7th. A Maraka planet in 6th, 7th or 9th will confer good effects during its Major period.

Y-9- Sub-Period Effects- There will be financial losses, fear from authority, thieves, fire and loss of relatives in sub periods, whose lords stand in 6th or 8th from Major period lord.

In the sub period of a Malefic in 8th from Major period lord, there will be fear of theft, fear from authority, fire and water, upset of health and financial losses.

In the sub period of a benefic in 8th from Major period lord, there will be good effects in the first half and bad effects later.

In the Major period of Rahu in 9th, there will be loss of father, financial loss, change in environments etc.

Mercury and Jupiter together in 7th indicate Raja Yoga;

Rahu and Jupiter together but with aspect of benefic indicate the same result of Raja Yoga.

Y-10- Major Period effects- During the Major period of lord of 11th placed in quadrants, the native will be acquiring costly things, enjoy much gains etc.

Y-12- Raja Yoga- A high class Raja Yoga arises if Moon is placed in Rohini and has aspect of Venus whilst Malefic are placed in 3rd, 6th or 11th house.

Exchange of signs between lords of Ascendant and 2nd house indicates that the native will be supporting a thousand people.

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (all three together) in 7th indicates Raja Yoga. Lord of 9th in 2nd with Moon also indicates Raja Yoga.

Y-13- Major Period Effects based on Avasthas

There are ten kinds of Avasthas for the planes. The effects produced by planets in their respective Major periods will be dependent on the Avastha occupied by it at birth time, which is signified by the name of the Avastha, as shown below:

Swastha Avastha. A planet in own house is said to be in this Avastha. During its Major period, the native will enjoy reputation, homely comforts education, prosperity, wife and children, finance, charitable deeds, all round happiness etc.

Deeptha Avastha. A planet in exaltation is said to be in this Avastha. During its Major period, the native will enjoy all the effects mentioned in Swastha Avastha in greater measure and intensity; besides conveyance, helping relatives, honour-from Government; greater authority being wielded etc.

Muditha Avastha. A planet in intimate friend’s house is said to be in this Avastha. During its Major period the native enjoy good food, good dress, cosmetics and scents; ornaments; happiness due to birth of son.

Santha Avastha. A planet in friend’s house is said to be in this Avastha. During its Major period, the native enjoy company of friends, have a calm and unperturbed disposition, good sense, education, righteous habits and Means of livelihood; happiness, contentment and other; auspicious results of like nature.

Heena Avastha. A planet in conjunction with a benefic is said to be in Heena Avastha; during its Major period, the native will have change in his environments, travels, an inferior status, bitterness with relatives and adversities.

Dukhita Avastha. A planet in enemy house is said to be in this Avastha. During its Major period, the native will be subjected to fear from authority and thieves; death of relatives; travels to unknown places and suffer sorrow.

Vikala Avastha. A planet in debilitation or in bitter enemy’s house is said to be in this Avastha; during its Major period the native will be subjected to diseases and sufferings separation from family, performance of obsequies, delays and obstacles in undertakings.

Khala Avastha. A planet defeated in planetary battle is sai to be in this Avastha; during its Major-period the native will be subjected to financial loss, quarrels and misunderstandings with womenfolk, bitterness with father and sons, hatred towards other and mental agony.

Kopitha Avastha. A planet in conjunction with a malefic is said to be in this Avastha. During its Major period, the native will suffer loss of intelligence; diseases; financial loss; fear of death; bitterness with many; fear from distant relatives; fear from poison and poisonous creatures; fear from enemies and Government.

Peeditha Avastha. A combust planet is said to be in Peeditha Avastha and during its Major period, the native will suffer from bondage; sickness; occasions when he will have to depend on others; being put to shame and face an inferior status.

There is a further Avastha called “Sakta” Avastha which applies to planets which are strong. Planets which are strong in Rasi and Bhava are said to enjoy this Avastha. Good deeds, reputation and increased happiness will prevail in their Major periods.


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