Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 95


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets and 9th House

Y- The following are the effects produced by planets posited in the 9th house:

Sun- Speaks truth; helpful to his family; devotion; suffers from sickness in his early age; courageous; various enjoyments and wealth, long life; good looking. Rise of fame slowly but surely.

Moon- Full Moon: Various kinds of enjoyments; wealth; passionate; his company is sought by women, knowledge and good deeds.

Debilitated or Weak Moon: Bereft of enjoyments; poor; dull headed; foolish.

Mars- Suffers from eye troubles in both eyes; his eyes will be of a pale-yellow colour; financially a good status; enjoyments; luck; untidy in dressing-up; in service of high personalities; proficiency in work done by hands. Elevated status in community.

Mercury- Prosperity; sons and happiness; taste for inciting quarrels; sinful in actions; Most of his property is in the form of lands and ancestral wealth. Sharp intellect.

Jupiter- Importance or high status in his community; cleanliness; proficiency in writing; reputation; rich; happy-learning.

Venus- Self-earned wealth, reputation and status; enjoyments; cleanliness; devotion; pilgrimages. Happiness in various directions.

Saturn- Proud and boastful; mediocre financial status: uncharitable; differences with parents a go between or Messenger or ambassador.

Saturn in 5th also gives almost same results.

If Saturn in 9th is conjunct malefic: a very poor financial status would result besides being sickly.

Rahu- His professions and actions are those befitting low class society; stingy; ill-dressed; loved by distant relatives; troubles from his community; his enemies will be cunning, very mediocre luck.

Ketu- Valorous; incites quarrels; handles matters as an adept in worldly matters; talkative; pushing.

Additional Information

Y-a- The happiness one enjoys and the amount of respect one commands will be proportionate to the strength of the planets involved.

b- Saturn and Moon together in 9th denote, that the native will be in bad books of his preceptor.

c- Jupiter in 9th indicates that the native will mature himself to a high status through his own efforts.

d- Jupiter in 9th denotes that the native, by his own efforts, will lose his status.

e- Venus in 9th with malefic connections will incline the native towards adultery.

f- otherwise benefic incline the native to possess a charitable disposition.

g- Benefic in 9th, weak due to combustion or debilitation, drive a native to seeking favours from others up to the point of begging in extreme cases.

h- The strongest planet in 9th (failing that planets, connected with 9th house) should be looked into carefully concerning a native attaining sidhi or salvation.

i- Jupiter is the significator for charities and religious sacrifices.

j- Jupiter and Moon together in 9th indicates seven sons, reputation and charities on the part of native.

k- Strong malefic in 9th indicate that the native will commit sins of a high order.

l- Strong Sun in 9th indicates a prosperous father.

m- Jupiter in 9th, depending on his strength, also indicates one who will go to the extent of cooking his own food; in other words, indicating one who is very particular about and quality of his food.

n- Mercury in 9th, indicates one who will ensure that his food and eatables are good.

o- Saturn in 9th indicates one who is careless in these respects and goes on eating comparable to a horse.

p- A native having a “Jala graham (Watery planet) in 9th aspected by a Sthala graham (planet classified; as “land” or dry) will be establishing Religious faiths or institutions or order or math for the good of public.

Note: on the authority of Sarwartha Chintamani. Moon and Venus are watery planets. Mercury and Jupiter. “Water restorers” and Sun, Mars and Saturn “dry” planets; whilst Pisces or Cancer-Scorpio are 100% watery signs; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are 50% watery signs; Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn are 25% Watery signs, and Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are Nirjala or non-watery signs.

Y-1- Paternal prosperity- If lord of 9th happens to be a benefic, whilst the significator for 9th (Jupiter) is conjunct with a benefic and a benefic is posited in 9th house, full enjoyments with father and paternal prosperity are assured.

Y-2- Malefic lord of 9th, significator for 9th (Jupiter) getting conjunct Malefic whilst a Malefic is standing in 9th indicates loss of father and little paternal prosperity.

P- Significations of 9th House- All about prosperity, luck, native’s Ishta Devta or the deity worshipped, Paternal grand father, uncle, preceptor, priest, his charities and philosophical or religious leanings; attachment to a faith and God have to be delineated from the 9th house.

Death of father- Sun standing alone in 9th indicates death of father in Sun’s Major period.

Sun and a malefic in 9th also indicate death of father in Sun’s Major period.

Death of Mother- Moon in 5th indicates death of Mother in Moon’s Major period.


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