Judgement of Twelve House: Scars marks

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y-1- If the limb is occupied by a malefic planet, the learned astrologer should tell that it will have ulcer and if the limb is occupied by Mercury and all the malefic planets, it will certainly have ulcer and when it is aspected by benefic the limb will have only scars.

The wounds by accident would be inflicted during the periods of such planets or their sub-periods.

If Mercury joins two or three malefic planets in any house then that organ which is represented by that house will have wound.

If such malefic planets have benefic aspect then there will be a black mole mark or spot just like lecoderma.

(A malefic or benefic, if be in own sign, or navamsa, the effects will be right from birth. In other cases it will be in the course of one’s life, that these effects will give misery.

Y-2- When there is a benefic planet in the 1st house, but a malefic one in the 2nd as well as in a Angle, and when the lord of the Ascendant has attained the Uttamamsa.

E- The person born suffers misery in early life, however is happy thereafter come to pass.
Effects of houses- The house that is conjunct or aspected by its own lord, who is a benefic, or benefic(s) aspecting it, will give good results pertaining to that house.

On the other hand, if the house is occupied by Malefic or by lords of 6/8/12 houses, the effects pertaining to that house will not materialize in full, or there may be destruction of the effects of that house, depending on the severity of the affliction.

The house whose lord is debilitated or combust or is staying in 6/8/12th from the house concerned, will become weak.

Houses whose lords are in exaltation, Moolatrikona or friendly house will be considered strong.

Y-1- If lord of Ascendant is in 12th house or in debilitation or in enemy house or is otherwise weak such natives spend their life time away from his place of birth.

Y-2- If lord of Ascendant is exalted or in moolatrikona/own/friendly house, which happens to be quadrant/trine/2nd from Ascendant, such natives spend their life time in their place of birth.

Y-3- If lord of 4th is posited in a sign owned by a benefic in company of Jupiter, whilst the lord of Ascendant is enjoying status, the native will be spending his life time in a holy place.
Y-4- In-spite of being an enemy, to lord of Ascendant, is posited in the Ascendant, if lord of Ascendant enjoys status, the native will be spending his life time in his place of birth.

Y-5- If lord of Ascendant is hemmed in between planets, who are inimical to him, the native will troubled by his enemies.

Y-6- If such lord of Ascendant (hemmed in between enemies) is conjunct or aspected by a benefic, the native will be free from troubles from enemies.

Dwelling- A person will dwell/live in the place of his birth, when a planet occupying the 12th place from that of the lord of the Ascendant happens to be in exaltation or in a friendly house or is aspected by a planet that is friendly or is in exaltation or when that sign is occupied by a friendly planet.

Residence- When the lord of the 12th place from that occupied by the lord of the Ascendant is in a Angle or Trine from the 1st house i.e. Ascendant, and in a signs which is a friend’s house, its own or its exaltation sign and has auspicious planets on either side, the person born will be a sojourner in the regions pleasing to the heart.

If the said 12th lord (Vyayash) referred to above be aspected by Jupiter, the Moon or Venus, he goes to a charmingly beautiful land; but

If from this (Vyayash) the 2nd place is occupied by an inimical planet or be unfriendly to the latter, the person will reside in his native land.

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