Judgement of Twelve House: Health: Stature and Complexion

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The lord of Ascendant should be looked at, with regard to the stature, complexion etc. concerning and a native.

Lord of Ascendant and planets aspecting Ascendant denotes shape and looks of a native. Planets posited in Ascendant (other than lord of Ascendant) confer effects depending on their lordships.

Y-1- If benefic are posted in Ascendant in exaltation/Mooltrikona/own/friendly house.

E- The prosperity of the native will be from birth place.

Y-2- Malefic similarly placed in Ascendant, indicate prosperity away from birth place.

Y-3- If Ascendant falls in a moveable sign, lord of Ascendant happens to be a moveable planet, aspected by or conjunct with a moveable planet indicates that.

E- The native will enjoy prosperity arising from a foreign place, and

N- Fixed signs and fixed planets, indicate much greater luck and prosperity within one’s own country.


Y-1- When the Ascendant is a watery sign and is occupied by benefic planets, astrologers declare.

E- Stout body/fatness of person as the effect thereof.

Y-2- When the lord of the Ascendant occupies a watery sign and is in conjunction with benefic planets.

E- The person born, say the astrologers, will have a sound constitution.

Complexion –

Y-1- If the Ascendant is occupied or aspected by Sun, Moon Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus.

E- The native will be good-looking.

Y-2- If Saturn, Dragon’s Head/Tail is in or aspecting the Ascendant.

E- The native will not be good-looking.

N- A planet from the former group and one from the latter group, if placed together or aspecting Ascendant, Mixed effects will arise, and the complexion of the native will not be attractive but dark.

Tri-dosha –

Venus or Jupiter indicates phlegmatic constitution.

Saturn/Moon windy; other planets-bilious constitution.

These planets, if placed in Ascendant indicate which of the Tri-Dosha is predominating on the native.

The native will become Satvik (PiousA) if Jupiter or Saturn is in or aspecting Ascendant.

Tamasa (brutish or animal-like) if Mars or Dragon’s Head is in or aspecting Ascendant.

Gyani (learned) if Dragon’s Tail is in or aspecting Ascendant.

Rajasa (Worldly), if other planets are in or aspecting Ascendant.

Size of body

Fat body is indicated if Saturn/Moon is in or aspecting the Ascendant.

Moderate body is indicated if Sun/Mercury/Jupiter is in or aspecting Ascendant.

Lean body is indicated if others.

Lean body-light weight –

Y- If the lord of Ascendant is weak and posited in a Shushka rasi (fiery sign) aspected by Malefic.

E- The native will possess a lean body and be weak.

Appearance –

Y-1- If the lord of the Ascendant occupying the 12th house be in conjunction with the lord of the 6th house from that occupied by the Sun.

E- The person born will get married in normal course, be characterized by many illnesses, and has a slim figure and a hue composed of red and white.

Y-2- If the lord of the 6th house from the Ascendant be also in conjunction with the lord Ascendant in the above position.

E- The person born will be dark in personal appearance.

Y-3- But if Rahu be with the lord of the Ascendant.

E- The person concerned will surely run the risk of treachery and poisoning.

Y-4- If benefic are placed in the Ascendant the native will have a pleasing appearance.

Y-5- If malefic are placed there, he will be bereft of good appearance.

N- The situation of benefic in the Ascendant or their aspect on it gives the native physical comforts.

Y-6- If the rising time of the sign in Lagna is one hour, the head of the native is small.
Y-7- If a dry (other than watery) planet is in Lagna & the Lagna too belongs to a dry planet.

E- The body is weak and slim.

Y-8- Similar is the result if the lord of the Lagna is associated with a dry planet or is located in the sign of dry planets.

E- The body is weak and slim.

Y-9- In case there is the sign of a dry planet in the Lagna and the Lagna contains many malefic planets.

E- The result regarding the body being slim follows.

Y-10- If there is a watery sign in the Ascendant associated with benefic planets.
E- The native will have a fat body.

Y-11- If the lord of the Ascendant is a watery planet & is strong & is associated with benefic planets.

E- Then also the body is bulky.

Y-12a- In case the lord of the Ascendant is located in a watery sign, is associated with a benefic planet and aspected by a watery planet or

Y-12b- If the sign in the Ascendant belongs to a benefic planet and the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the Ascendant is located in a watery sign.

E- The native has a bulky body.

Y-13- If the Ascendant sign belongs to a benefic planet and it is aspected by any malefic planet.

E- The native has a fat body.

Y-14a- If Jupiter is in the Ascendant or it aspects the Ascendant, or if the watery sign in the Lagna is aspected by Jupiter placed in a watery sign.

Y-14b- If there is a benefic in the Ascendant, which is also under the aspect of a benefic planet.

E- Even then the body is fatty.

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