Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 21


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- When a benefic planet is in the 2nd house occupying its exaltation and other benefic Vargas, the person born will be fair faced.

Y-2- If the 2nd house consist of the Vargas of an auspicious planet, he will without doubt acquire the faculty of speaking well.

Y-3- When the 2nd house is occupied by malefic planets, the person born will be either ugly-faced or Foul-mouthed.

Y-4- If the house be aspected by a malefic planet, he will be fretful; if the lord of that house be associated with Gulika, the native will be wicked.

Y-5- When the lord of the 2nd house occupies an Angle, the person born will have a beaming face and be fortunate.

Y-6- If the planet be in its exaltation in its own or a friendly Vargas & aspected by a benefic planet, the person will be fair-faced.

Killed in a duel

Y-1- If Mercury be weak in the 2nd bhava the person born will be killed in a duel.

Y-2- If Jupiter and the lord of the 2nd bhava be weak in the 2nd bhava, the person concerned will have gastric disease.


Y-1- A person will become a mathematician, when Jupiter is in a Angle or Trine, and when Mercury owning the 2nd house or Venus is in exaltation.

Y-2- A person becomes a mathematician, when Mars is in the 2nd house in conjunction with a benefic planet and Mercury aspects the same or occupies a Angle.

Y-3- When the Sun or Mars being the lord of the 2nd house is aspected by Jupiter and Venus has attained the Paravat amsa, the person born will be devoted to the science of argumentation.

Y-4- When Jupiter in full strength and is the lord of the 2nd house & also aspected by the Sun and Venus, the person born will become a grammarian.

Y-5- People will be devoted to Ontology/Vedas, when Jupiter occupying a Angle or Trine, is aspected by Mercury and Venus and Saturn is in a Paravat amsa.

Y-6- A person becomes a proficient in the multiple/six sciences when Jupiter is in a Angle, Venus has attained a Simhasan amsa and Mercury, owning the Navamsa occupied by the planet in the 2nd house, is in a Gopur amsa.

Y-7- If Mercury is exalted in 2nd house, whilst Jupiter is in Ascendant and Saturn is in 6th, the native will become a Mathematician or astronomer.

Y-8- Powerful Jupiter, Venus and lord of 2nd posted in one sign, that also in the 2nd house indicates that the native will become an eminent expert in Semantics.

Y-9- The same Yoga arises when the three planets are posited in signs other than the 2nd house, but with reduced effect.

Y-10- Jupiter/Venus in exaltation/Moolatrikona with aspect of Sun/Mars indicates that the native will become an eminent logician.

Y-11- Whilst Jupiter/Venus is in quadrants, if Mercury, who is also in quadrant/trine, happens to be either the lord of navamsa occupied by lord of 2nd or the depositor of 2nd house lord, the native will possess knowledge of all scriptures.

Aspect of full Moon or Mercury is also required.

Y-12- Jupiter, Venus and Moon (all of them or any two or one) in quadrant/trine conjunct/aspected by Mercury confers knowledge of philosophy.

Y-13- A native having Jupiter in 4th conjunct/aspected by Mercury will become a linguist.

Y-14- If lord of 2nd is in conjunction with a benefic is posted in quadrant/trine, which also happens to be exaltation, (own or friendly house or aspected by a benefic or masculine planet, the native will become a great orator.

Y-15- Lord of 2nd in a sign owned by benefic, which happens to be a quadrant/trine and at the same time, a benefic is conjunct with lord of 2nd the native will have higher education coupled with good earnings.

Y-16- Similarly, if Lord of 5th occupies a quadrant/trine in company of a benefic, higher education would result.

Y-17- Jupiter, Mercury and lord of 2nd in quadrant/trine which happens to be exaltation/own/friendly house, the native will acquire higher education.


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