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Effects of Navamsas

A native’s complexion, disposition and appearance can be deduced based on the rising Navamsa at birth. The effects being stated will depend on the stronger of the two, viz. the Moons Navamsa dispositor and the Navamsa Lagna Lord.

Effects of Navamsas in Aries

Following are the effects of births in the nine Navamsas in Aries Ascendant:

Effects of Aries Ascendant, First Navamsa: The native will have a face, resembling that of a he-goat, with nose and shoulders not being very prominent. He will have a fierce voice, ugly appearance and narrow eyes. His body will be thin, but free from defects.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Second Navamsa: The native will be dark in complexion, will have broad shoulders and long arms small forehead, strong collar bones, sharp sight and prominent face and nose. He will be an affable speaker and will possess weak legs.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Third Navamsa: The native will suffer loss of hair, be fair in complexion, will have irregular (defective) arms, charming eyesw and nose, will be a scholar in direct poetic ability and will have weak thighs.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Fourth Navamsa: The native will have an erratic sight, be irascible, short-nosed, wandering-natured, will have rough legs and coarse hair, be bereft of co-born and emaciated.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Fifth Navamsa: The native will be fierce and will have eyes, resembling that of a supreme elephant, a fat nose, thick eye brows, wide fore face, fat body and coarse hair.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Sixth: The native will be dark in complexion, soft in disposition, will have eyes, akin to that of a deer, be tall in stature, will have irregular (defective) stomach and hands, be a eunuch, be timid and garrulous.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Seventh Navamsa: The native will have complexion akin to green sprout, be fickle-minded, will possess white eyes, will marry an unchaste lady, be malicious and will have a broad physique.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Eighth Navamsa: The native will have a face, akin to that of a monkey, be a good speaker, will have an afflicted and tawny body, will suffer from secret diseases, be torturous, be a liar, be fond of friends and be fierce.

Effects of Aries Ascendant, Ninth Navamsa: The native will be tall, emaciated, wandering, will have defective fore face and ears, will have a face, akin to that of a horse, will possess many names and be crooked.

Effects of Navamsas in Taurus

Following are the effects due to births in the Navamsas belonging to Taurus Ascendant:

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, First Navamsa: The native will have an even and dark coloured physique, be hard-hearted, will perform obsequies in the beginning and ending parts of his life, be base, will indulge in unnatural acts and will have crooked sight.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Second Navamsa: The native will be endowed with majestic looks, be indolent, will have a bent body, be not very intelligent, will indulge in hostile acts and be a great liar.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Third Navamsa: The native will be erratic in sight, be fierce, will have a short nose, be wandering natured, will have coarse legs and hair will have soft limbs, be beautiful, will have broad eyes and big limbs, be interested, in Sacrifices etc. and will have stiff legs and hands.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Fourth Navamsa: The native will be vicious, will have a well-elevated nose, will appear, like a giant ox, will have crooked hair, be sportive, will have large shoulders and hips.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Sixth Navamsa: The native will have beautiful eyes and hair, be firm, be endowed with a fair complexioned physique, will speak sweetly, be pre-eminent, be fond of amusements, be emaciated and skilful.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Seventh Navamsa: The native will be interested in females, who lost their sons, will have somewhat elevated nose and prominent eyes, will possess a strong physique, will hate his own men and will have stout feet and exquisite hair.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Eighth Navamsa: The native will have eyes, akin to that of a tiger and charming teeth, be unconquerable, will possess a full blown nose, will work sparingly, will have curly and bluish hair and sharp nails and be garrulous.

Effects of Taurus Ascendant, Ninth Navamsa: The native will be honourable will not be very strong, be timid, given to anger, will possess an even and charming body, be a rogue (or cheat), will gather money, be famous, will have a thin lower body and will prattle.


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