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The astral energy of May, 25 says - You will take steps and choose to divide and cut things in aspects of life .

Food For Your Mind - It happens with ME - if i reach late to the counter for buying say air ticket - i observe the line - first i curse people and reasons because of which i got late - then i curse the line / people - then think negative of the person giving the tickets ( the slow pace perhaps ) and if the WINDOW closes I curse MYSELF the most and others/situations alternatively + get trapped into the EMOTIONS of FEAR that i will not reach for the meetings - the repercussions and this goes on - makes me still and stressed .This is a simple example but the complicated MIND does this in all situations / relationships . Remember emotions with NO NAVIGATION are like CYANIDE. Important is to BE STABLE - BECOME CALM - GET INTO YOUR THOUGHTS AS YOU ORIGINATE THEM - IN SILENCE CONTEMPLATE AND THEN ACT. Look for the virtues of power, enthusiasm and zeal that are within you. It is important to understand that if YOUR INNER RESILIENCY is LESSER than the SITUATION you will fail. Make your mind OBEDIENT - BECOME A MASTER - TRANSFORM - THEN ACT .I am unable to DO IT MYSELF but do try and the realization is CREEPING. Please let the realization CREEP through MEDITATION - it is NO TECHNIQUE but a self talk and feeding your OPERATING SYSTEM - 10 MINUTES IN SILENCE AND THINKING OF QUALITY TRANSFORMATION with the CONNECTIVITY with HIM.

Shanker Adawal
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