Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 54


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Educational breaks

Shows educational breaks

Mars conjunct Mercury


Even then he is an intelligent man

(Mercury having Ketu in 7)

Elope with a woman

He will elope with a woman

Venus, Rahu conjunction with Mars indicates he will elope with a woman.


This will lead him to trouble

(Venus in inimical sign Cancer with enemy Mars and associated with Rahu)

Enjoy with other woman

He will enjoy with some woman other than his wife

(Venus conjunct Rahu).


Chandra Mouli Yoga

Exalted Saturn indicating profession is conjunct with Moon.


The native’s profession is one of being religious head and preceptor Jupiter in 3rd and Ketu in 4th to Saturn.


The native struggles up to 22 – 23 years of age

The adjoining house to Saturn are vacant, the native will struggle up to his 22 – 23 years of age.

(As Saturn has no planet in the adjoining house and so up to 2nd round no definite progress in employment, i.e. up to 30 years. As Saturn is unsupported so Jupiter transit on Saturn in 1st round i.e. 22-23 will not be good as unsupported planet needs more excitation and so probably a 2nd or 3rd round is beneficial and give results).

Settle in a big town

He will settle in a big town and receive government honours

Sun’s aspect to Jupiter


He will be married

Moon position with Saturn indicate he will be married.

Help – Female, Artist, etc.

He will help female folk, artist and widowed women a great deal.

Mercury, Rahu, Venus and Mars in 10th to Saturn indicate this.

Sister Poor living

His sister will have only poor living.

Venus is in inimical sign with Rahu.


Lives up to 76 – 78

(Jupiter in 7th round contact Sun in Gemini an inimical sign and outside Rahu-Ketu axis which weakens Sun for non living things i.e. longevity. However besides lord of sign Mercury is weak in inimical sign Cancer with Rahu. Besides Jupiter is in orb of Rahu, so 7th round is not good for longevity. In this round transit in Gemini i.e. 76 – 78 will be fatal).

Chart No. 36


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