Vastu Shastra: Vastu Remedies, Chapter X, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Bamboo Flute

Bamboo flute is used to be safe from harmful chei. If there is a beam in the house one has to undertake a lot activities under it. He has to be cautious while working under it because the beam carries a lot of negative energy in it as a result of which one feel tiredness, heaviness and mental strain. Fengshui recommends use of flute to be safe from all these. And it is the only one and one way out. Ting of flute in red ribbon at both lids of the beam at 45 degree, drives away all problems related to beam.

Crystal Ball

Natural quartz crystals are energy enhancers. The crystal which is cut at different angles to reflect light all round energizes an area. Ideally it should be hung in the Northwest corner of the building or in the Northwest room. It helps to improves relationships between the family members. It also brings in helpful people to your life. It improves money matters and brings good luck. For Vaastu defects crystal balls are extremely useful e.g. kitchen & bathroom in one line or opposite to each other, main door facing kitchen, or one door in front of other door etc.

The Chinese Dragon

The Dragon symbolizes power, benevolence, intelligence, goodwill, mystery, yang energy, strength and goodness. By placing a Dragon on the desk, one can bring good luck as well as it protects from harmful energy. Displaying the Dragon image on a table or in a cabinet on the Eastern side of the office or study represents excellent feng shui. The Dragon, however, should not be placed inside the bedroom. As the element of the East is Wood, a Dragon carved out of wood is beneficial. We can also use a Dragon made of ceramic or crystal, but should not keep metal ones, as metal destroys the wood element. In restaurants, shops, and department stores, it is very good to display pictures of Dragons in the East, wherever a lot of yang energy and movement is desirable.

Bamboo Tree

Considered to be very auspicious in Chinese Astrology; Bamboo represents growth in relationships, life, careers or money. It is believed that the Bamboo Tree helps improve positive chi and removes negativity from any space. There are some who place a Bamboo Tree, or a painting of one, in their office, to enhance positive energy and bring growth and good luck to their workspace and career.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is associated with abundance of wealth and luck. One may also find a Laughing Buddha denoted with children surrounding Him. For those who are seeking for descendants luck, the Laughing Buddha also bestows many children into families. A good Laughing Buddha image would have a face that is very smiley to signify fulfillment and joy. Display this image in your living room or family corner (east) to harmonize the whole family and take away all the problems and quarrellings. Display him in the southeast sector of your dining, bedroom, reception or living room to enhance your wealth luck or sudden windfall. Bosses and politicians can place him in their offices or home for protection against unwanted unhappiness/stress and attract tremendous good luck. Place him on the dashboard of your car so that he can bring home many tidings of good news. Place him on your office table to take away all stress and bad politics or backstabbing. He will speed your way towards achieving your happy goals. Place the image in the area where quarrelsome person resides to dissolve potential arguments in the surroundings. Do not place the image in kitchen and toilets.

Some Feng Shui Tips

1. In feng shui red and black colour are considered very sensitive. Black colour signifies sorrow whereas red signifies anger. Feng Shui recommends that the main door of the house should not be painted in either of these colours. It is advised that the main door should be painted in yellow colour because yellow colour brings prosperity.

2. A door at the end of the corridor is inauspicious. To save from its negative energy feng shui advise that a mirror should be installed at the end of the corridor.


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